Kathryn Crowcroft

Kathryn has studied English Literature on three continents. She has a first-class BA in English and Psychology from Monash University, Australia, part of which was completed at Boston College; and an MA in Shakespeare Studies from King’s College, London, where she held a number of scholarships. She has presented papers on a range of topics at conferences hosted by KCL, Shakespeare’s Globe and Yale University.

Mary L. Shannon

Mary L. Shannon is starting the second year of her PhD on G. W. M. Reynolds and Charles Dickens. She did her BA in English at Cambridge University, worked for Sotheby’s auction house, and is also a qualified English teacher. She is co-convenor of the KCL postgraduate seminar series ‘The Abstract’, and a Postgraduate Rep for the British Association of Victorian Studies (BAVS).

Rachele Dini

Rachele Dini is a part-time MA student on the 1850-Present pathway. Her interests within the broad context of urban modernity include psychoanalytic theory, everyday life, and representations of urban space. Her dissertation on the early twentieth-century Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa examines these themes within the context of European modernism, with particular attention to the way the modern city informs his ideas about the self.

Simon Vickery

Simon completed the English MA 1850-Present at King’s, writing a dissertation on the representation of London’s architectural spaces in post-Second World War literature. His future research will continue to focus on the intersection of literature and the visual arts.

Susie Christensen

Susie Christensen is a PhD student based in the English Department and the Centre for the Humanities and Health. She has been awarded a Medical Humanities studentship to examine the link between neurology in the second half of the nineteenth century and the development of modernist literature.

Zachary Hines

Zachary Hines has just completed the MA in Medieval English at King’s College, London.  He earned his undergraduate degree at Wake Forest University in English and Anthropology in 2009.  He hopes to begin doctoral work in English Literature in the autumn of 2011.

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