Liverpool A to Z


The intention of this website is to provide geographical information to aid genealogists and family historians.

The map used is based upon the 6 inch to 1 mile street maps of Liverpool and district compiled by John Bartholomew, in particular the 1899 and 1901 editions. The map can be navigated by using the grid below. Clicking on any square will take you to a page containing a large image of each map section as well as the names of all the roads and streets within that section. It will be then be possible to move to adjacent map sections and also to 'zoom out' to a map containing nine squares to obtain a wider view of the area. The blue borders on the grid indicate the boundaries of these larger sections. 

However, most people will wish to use the links to the left to locate streets, schools etc directly.

The Street Names index lists 2,366 streets. Not all streets that have ever existed in Liverpool will be listed. Some had not been built by 1901, others had already disappeared, and some were not included by John Bartholomew - possibly because they were considered too small or contained no residential or commercial property. Excellent quality maps from earlier and later periods can be viewed at Reproductions of the larger scale Ordnance Survey maps published by Alan Godfrey are available to purchase at many outlets. Digital Archives has produced a CD containing all 50 sheets of the 60 inch to 1 mile Ordnance Survey Liverpool Town Plans (1847 & 1864).

All Church of England and Roman Catholic churches are highlighted on the larger nine square sections. Other places of worship, schools and public buildings will be added shortly. 
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