This simply started out as a side project to keep me busy over the Christmas period. But since I'm enjoying it soo much, I've decided ti make a proper go of it ;-)

This isn't a proper remake as such, but rather a re-mix of some of the origianl levels from all the GnG games. Plus I've added a couple of extra ideas and level design of my own.

Wondering what the originals were like? Then click
December 2007
I've pretty much abandoned this game now due to lack of time and interest. I've still got the code if anyone wants to have a mess about with it, just e-mail me.

November 2006
Got a bit further with this project and (finally!) made a demo available. Click on the download to you're right....

April 2006
New screenshots have been added to the right. This is currently how the game is shaping up. Once I've added more enemies to it, I'll upload a demo for poeple to play.

Goblins 'N' Ghouls - Beta - Revision 1
This demo is for testing purposes. Any feedback is appreciated.
(c)2007 Dan Richardson