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Diogenes and the Naughty Boys from Corinth

This set of magic lantern slides is based on Wilhelm Busch's picture story Diogenes and the Naughty Boys from Corinth. Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908) is thought  to be one of the most important forerunners of strip cartoons. He was the creator of the popular Max e Moritz characters.

the slides were made by York & Son (London) in 1887 or earlier. Diogenes, the philosopher who lived in a barrel, is seriously disturbed by two naughty boys, but their pranks are ferociously punished.

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Safe in his tub, reflecting at his ease
Out in the sunshine lies Diogenes.

A naughty litlle rogue who finds him there,
Calls to a friend of his the fun to share

Arrived, the boys their hands together rub,
And knock with saucy knuckles at the tub.
Diogenes, on hearing such a clatter,
Out of his tub cries, 'Now, then! what's the matter?'
The boy that wears the Trojan cap and skirt,
Off in a jiffy runs to fetch his squirt.
Splashed through the bung-hole now from toes to ears,
Like a drowned rat Diogenes appears.
Diogenes resumes his tub in vain,
For lo! the little scamps come back again.
This time they push the tub along the ground -
'Halt!' cries our hero - but the tub goes round.
'Let's give the sage a ride!' they shout with laughter
(But retribution sore will follow after).
 Two nail, that happened in the tub to stick
Catch by the clothes the children at their trick.
Two nail, that happened in the tub to stick
Catch by the clothes the children at their trick
But Fate's stern course nor tears nor kicks can break!
Under the tub they go - and no mistake.
The tub stps still: but, what a scene of woe!
The boys are rolled as flat as caico
'That's what it's come to' quietly he said;
And back the Cynic tubbed himself to bed.