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British Sterlingsmaybellinegal  CGC  6/4/1994 


DOB 6/4/1994

OFA - Good, eyes - normal (checked annually)

British Sterlingsmaybellinegal
Blue RF 6/4/1994
Windy Knolls British Sterling
Blue C/W 9/27/1987
Woodchips Rowdy Rascal
Blue C/W RF 4/11/1986
Ruby Tuesday of Windy Knoll
M&ms; Summertime Joy
Blue C/W 6/19/1991
Summertimes Sir Charles
Black C/W
Calverts Zesty Blue

Its hard to believe how fast time has flown since this grand old dam was a youthful, exuberant puppy.  Maybelline will be 14 years old this June. Though her hearing is pretty well gone, and she has her share of "senior" moments, she is still the matriarch of this pack of dogs. She never had to make an issue to be the head dog, her presence was just that of the leader of the pack. She is not your typical alpha dog as she is not demanding or aggressive to any of the dogs. She is the total picture of a great mama. She keeps everyone's ears and eyes clean. She loves them all, and they love her. She has been the best ranch dog, gladly helping in any chores that require a four legged hand. She has helped keep watch during foaling, lambing, and calving seasons. She is the protector over what belongs to her, whether its two legged or four.  She is athletic, intelligent and as you can see for yourself, she is a beautiful Aussie.

Maybelline was shown in conformation only once, she won the open blue merle bitch class, but made herself known that her job was at the ranch.  Maybe has produced some of the finest agility dogs you'll find anywhere. But most of all, her puppies destinies were to be the most loved companions and best friends of many adoring people.

I'm pleased to say the majority of my females are sister, daughters or granddaughters of Maybe's. She is a solid, true testament of the Australian shepherd breed.     

5-generation pedigree

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