Coronado's Australian Shepherds

Presents 'Brave'


Coronado's Braveheart In Blue  

Born 10/22/1999

OFA - Good, eyes - normal (checked annually)

Coronados Braveheart In Blue
Blue C/W RF 10/22/1999
Coronados Oh So Sizzlin Hot DNA-CP Red Merle C/W 10/20/1997 Coronados Gorgeous Hombre DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF   2/8/1996
Woodwinds Colorme Red Sundown
Red C/W   11/28/1991
Coronados Belle Starr
Black C/W RF 1/22/1996
Rosewoods Doc Holiday
Red C/W 8/12/1994
British Sterlingsmaybellinegal
Blue RF 6/4/1994

5-generation pedigree

Brave is the littermate sister to Sunshine, she is also a full sister to Yakity Yak. The cross between BG and the girls mama, Belle was a sure winner. These girls are individually wonderful personalities with shared characteristics and characteristics that are totally different of each other. Brave is a very energetic, enthusiastic little gal. She loves to herd sheep, I mean she really loves it. She has a way of exhibiting a strange gentleness with them but she can become stern and authoratative when she needs to be. 

Brave is by nature, very quiet. She is so willing to do anything that will please us. She is not very friendly with strangers, she'd rather just sit back and access them, but if they are Aussie people, she seems to know that and will be all over you.

Brave is built extremely correct with her very pretty and distinctive merle markings she is as much a pleasure to look at as she is to be with. When Brave, Robbin, and Sunshine were just 14 weeks old they traveled to Woodland Hills to do a segment for Animal Planet with Paul, the Author of the K9 training book "Raise with Praise". Funny how the cast and crew were so surprised that these three puppies caught on to what Paul was teaching them, to sit without a verbal command only hand signals , and to attempt to climb up agility equipment made for smaller dogs. Guess they weren't very familiar with Aussies. 

Brave loved performing and getting reactions out of us all. When she is tickled about something you know it as she kind of giggles as she goes. That's her strongest characteristic, to do whatever it takes to please us. She doesn't have to work at it, just having her around for a tag along companion makes us both pleased as punch!    

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