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Our 2013 scoping survey in McLaren Park/Henderson South found that, as with every community, bullying is an issue  for children and their families. Being in a low decile community can make things worse as people compete for scarce resources. Consequently when  Violence Free Waitakere set up the Bully Banishing Together (BBT) programme, we tried to design a whole of community approach to bullying. 

This had to be collaborative project, working with whanau, youth, and community agencies. From the outset our project had had two main strands: 

1) Using creative processes (narrative, performance and art) as a means of drawing the community into a dialogue about bullying and communicating important messages about how to prevent bullying back to that community (Rootz, Project Respect. PinkShirt Day, RISE, Mark-it-Up

2) Working with with a section of the community to build the stronger community connection that make for proactive bystatnding (Bystander's Guide, Our Amazing Place, Let's Get Started)

ROOTZ ​​a performing art group (teenagers and young adults) has been set up in collaboration with Phoenix Performing Arts plays at local BBT events and tours the the local schools with songs and dramatic stories about bullying and what can be done to prevent it. 

PROJECT RESPECT This year ROOTZ became Project Respect - an after school performing arts group en​gaging in many aspects of traditional and popular cultures with a bully banishing theme that can then be shared with the community and encourage engagement around bystanding.

These After School Performance Arts  Free Workshops are held at McLaren Park Intermediate after school.

PINK SHIRT DAY engaging businesses, schools and community at large to take a stand together agaist bullying  

"RISE" DINNER WITH A DIFFERENCEa great night with a wide variety of entertainment, food and provocative speakers.  Alongside superb performances from Phoenix, Project Respect Kapahaka group and Tatau dancers,  we had a range of moving speakers largely from the Pacific Community.  The highlights was listening to Nathaniel Lees, who spoke on the importance of slowing down our reactions to tension and conflict, and instead of using our fists or feet, thought about effective actions we could take.

MARK IT UP  This is a community canvas art collaboration making visual anti bully statements for display for events and venues. 

 SPEAK The finale to the current BBT programme. This is where we showcase the great resources we have built to help create a community with a much lower levelof Bullying and violence.   The Mark It Up artwork will be on display, Project Respect/Rootz​​ will perform,  We'll have a look at Jade Speaks Up​ ​​o​ur fantastic violence prevention video and its associated resources, showcase the Bystandepamphlet and reflect on the proactive bystanding that's come from the Henderson South Our Amazing Place and Let's Get Started​ project. 

To see some great photos of our events, please visit our           BBT Facebook Page

 Further details on what BBT has been up to in 2014 see our:       BBT Project Update.pdf​      ​

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 Banishing Bullying Together Newsletter June 2015.pdf    

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An event that gives the residents of Henderson South an opportunity to better understand and use the human and natural resources both in their community and available to their community, to take pride in their community and to create projects that create positive change.

29th August 2pm to 6pm. Starting at Henderson South School

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Banishing Bullying Bystander's Guide.pdf 

    BYSTANDER'S GUIDE Banishing Bullying Together is everyone's Business and sometimes takes courage to step up. We have created an excellent guide pamphlet to help you help others, while protecting your self.     Project Respect.png  A Snapshot of MPHS Stories and Dialogues.png

What's It's Like Living In MPHS.pdf  What’s it like living in MPHS presentation.pptx

COMMUNITY DIALOGUES​  Unitec students​ interviewed MPHS residents to find out "What's It's Like Living In MPHS". Theirt results were feed back to the community ​as a series of dialogues which gave a dynamic view of what was happening and where to next. ​​​