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Presents 'Rascal'


Coronado's Rowdy Rascal


snow pictures taken March 07

Born  6-7-2006

OFA - (Excellent), eyes - normal

Rascal is a lovely young dog and has a TON of 'sport.'   She would be an excellent agility prospect, perhaps even 'Versatility'.  She is a bold and courageous young dog with a delightful, outgoing personality. Because of her strong outgoing personality, I felt it best for Rascal to go to a home that wanted a strong versatility prospect. Her high energy and intensity were more than I felt I had time for, it isn't fair for such a  keen dog to sit around and not get to develop those strong talents that we actually want in this type of dog. We've managed to come to an agreement, and will start her in herding and or agility this Spring.

Rascal is the kind of dog that a serious agility or herding trialer dreams of. She has exactly what it would take to make someone's dreams come true. And its all wrapped up in a gorgeous and extremely correct package that can go out into the conformation ring and do some serious contending!   

So watch for us out there, we'll be doing what Rascal is bred to do.



Mac - Ch H.A.S Macangus Og
Blue C/W RF AS-16157G29M-PI F=12.03%
E103206 DL78246706 3/15/1999

(see photo on our 'Accomplishments' page)

Barely - Coronados Rustlin In the Bare DNA-CP
Red C/W
Love Is Sassy
Blue C/W
Clem - Coronados My Darlin Clementine
Red C/W AS-19906G32F-NOPI F=13.06%
DL89922611 12/14/2001
Reno - Ch Old West Renegade Rider
Blue C/W RF
Belle - Coronados Belle Starr
Black C/W RF

5-generation pedigree

That's Rascal in the middle - getting away again!

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