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Coronado's Yakity Yak

 11-21-2000 to 7-15-2010

OFA - Excellent, eyes - normal

Coronados Yakity Yak
Red Merle C/W 11/21/2000
Coronados Oh So Sizzlin Hot DNA-CP
Red Merle C/W 10/20/1997
Coronados Gorgeous Hombre DNA-CP
Woodwinds Colorme Red Sundown
Coronados Belle Starr
Black C/W RF 1/22/1996
Rosewoods Doc Holiday
British SterlingsMaybellineGal

5-generation pedigree

Prior Litters


before (what was I thinking?)         and after.

pedigree of pup named Rusty

Yaky was aptly named as when she was a very young puppy, she was just constantly yakking about something to get attention. Her whole name is Yakity Yak Don't talk back, because she did all the time! I honestly didn't think there would be anyone in this whole world that would want a cute little puppy with such a healthy set of lungs and such strong determination to be noticed! So we kept her in order to save some innocent sole from going deaf early on in life.

That was the right decision. At 6 mos of age, our Yaky stopped her talking back and basically never verbalized her opinions since. Yaky grew into the sweetest, and quietest lady that  ever existed on four legs. One look into her soft baby blues and she just melts your heart.

Now don't let that sweetness fool you, she can be a very  aggressive girl on stock. When she was pregnant with her third litter, she was out moving cattle and was tromped on pretty heavily. She ended up loosing her litter of pups and having to be spayed as she was so badly infected from deceased pups. She also ended up with disc problems in her back due to the tromping, so when she would try to get up after sitting or lying down, it took awhile. Because of this injury, one morning early as Tony was loading his truck to go to work, Yaky went out and laid beside his truck on the passenger side. When he got in it to leave, he never even saw her and subsequently, ran over her. 

We were both just sick . I got her into the vet ASAP. We did a series of X-Rays and other test. It was determined that her pelvic was fractured and possibly some internal damage but there was no signs of hemorrhaging so she was left to try to mend on her own. The vets gave her 2 weeks to see some sign of improvements before a final decision was to be made. Surgery was not recommended due to the severity of the fractures, they felt it best to let her heal on her own, if healing was even going to be possible.  Long story short, after I accidentally broke the other side of her pelvic causing even more setbacks, she did heal. The doctors felt she would be lucky just to walk again. The Lord answered our prayers and had mercy on this sweet little gal, Yaky runs, climbs stairs, makes great snow angels, and is more active and  probably stronger than before she was hit. Every attempt she made at a new obstacle was met with enthusiasm and confidence, we just rave about her efforts and by George, she'd do it.  Not 6 weeks after her accident, I was bringing a load of stuff up here to WA from Calif. as we were in the process of moving, and took Yaky along with us. The first motel we got that night on the road only had a room on the second floor, no elevator just those straight up concrete step with wrought iron railings... well with a lot of encouragement and praise she decided she would climb them up and down, several times as if wanting to prove to herself she could do this and do it good. We are so proud of her accomplishments and her strong determination. Yaky is a very special lady that we thank God for allowing us to have in our lives!               

our miracle dog!

Happiness is making snow-angels!

We miss our little snow angel.



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