Coronado's Australian Shepherds

Presents 'Tali'


The Talisman of Coronado

 Definition: Talisman, a survivor of Evil or Disease; an engraved figure thought to bring good luck, advert evil.



Born 8/26/2008

Red Tri C/W 

OFA - Hips- Good AS-27632G28M-NOPI, Elbows- Normal AS-EL4700M28-NOPI ,

 Eyes - (checked annually)

Tested negative HC-n/n (hereditary cataracts)

Scissor bite, 45 lbs., 20 " tall.

The Talisman of Coronado WTCH Mistretta's Before The Thunder  Red Merle C/W AS-21170E27M WTCH Mistrettas painted Lizard RTDs, DNA-CP Blue Merle C/W AS-8649E29M
Mistretta's Lady Hawk DNA-VP Back C/W AS-16598E38F
Ewe R My Sunshine of Coronado  Black C/W AS-16579E26F Coronado's Oh So Sizzlin Hot DNA-CP Red Merle C/W AS-13952E25M
Coronado's Belle Starr Black C/W AS-12236G29F

5-generation pedigree

Tali's story is unique, at least I hope for someone else's sake it is. His mother, our beloved Sunshine, developed gestational diabetes at the end of her pregnancy, unbeknownst to us. Of the seven puppies whelped, he was the only survivor. Diabetes is a terrible disease which inflicts its wrath equally on man and beast. Anyone or anything that survives ( or copes with) this dreadful disease is a winner in my book.

Tali may stand to approved outside Bitches. Contact us for more information and Bitch information sheet.

Tali is now in agility training and shows definite promise at becoming a top agility dog, with his unbelievable speed, and natural athleticism, we expect him to do very well in this venue.

Eileen & Tony Coronado

Nuevo, CA



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