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Welcome to 650 V Star  Custom, Classic, and Dragstar  website
in association with the Delphi forum 650 Custom, Classic, and Dragstar

This site is for the great motorcycle, the 650 V-Star. Here you can find out everything you want to know about this motorcycle, the best technical advice available is here for you. Our forum is a great place to share experiences and meet people who ride the 650. The forum was Officially opened on July 4, 2002, we invite everybody to stop in. The forum is at  650 V Star " C, C & D

We have forum patches available   For those of you who want 1 (or 2 or 3...  *S*) please start letting us know.  The patches are $7.00 each.  They are really, really nice patches with chrome thread on them.  Email me with subject "forum patches" so I can tell you how to pay.


Visit the forum store for a lot of great Vstar merchandise.

Ron Weiser and the Green Mamba

Ron along with  "MGD" Jeff and his performance work started what we have today in mods and performance

Disclaimer: This discussion group and Website, it�s contents, opinions and/or views have no affiliation with and have not been reviewed or endorsed by The Yamaha Motor Corporation or it�s affiliates. Any material presented here-in is the personal views and opinions only of members and guest, and in no way are intended to postulate or promote any of the Yamaha Corporations corporate or product views.
All modifications and maintenance items discussed are the sole responsibility of the person doing said modification or maintenance.

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