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A U.S. Army veteran said he has been unfairly ticketed by police at the VA hospital in temple for the fourth time. The last time was last weekend.

“At any point I’m in the hospital it’s at the point of extreme physical exhaustion, pain, nausea,” said Boyd.

Gastrointestinal paralysis, PTSD and multiple traumatic brain injuries have plagued Boyd for the last 13 years, but he said what hurts almost as much as his chronic illness is the treatment he gets at the VA.

“The staff is disrespectful, denigrating, almost kind of a protective sense of entitlement and we are there begging for their stipends of care,” said Boyd.

Last week when Boyd was admitted to the hospital, he started recording his interactions with the staff there.

“I had been talking with a doctor and he and I were in an impassioned conversation and the nurse who had not been a part of it interceded and called the police for whatever reason,” said Boyd.

Boyd admitted he used some strong language, but says none of it was directed at the doctor. Then Boyd said he overheard the same nurse make a derogatory comment about him.

Boyd responded to her, “Nurses like you are the reason why people, why veterans hate the VA…. Do us all a favor resign or die.”

Boyd said he returned to his room, but was soon approached by the VA police.

“You being in here because you want to be is a violation of my rights because you have no suspicion of me committing a crime correct?” Boyd asked the officers.

“That’s correct,” one officer responded.

After a few minutes of arguing with the police about entering his room, one officer said Boyd did in fact commit a crime.

“I’m going to write him a ticket for disorderly conduct,” said the officer in the recording.

When Boyd asked the officer why he was getting the ticket, the officer explained, “Threatening a nurse.”

Texas law defines disorderly conduct as using obscene or abusive language, threatening or abusing another person in a public place or making excessive noise in a public place.

Boyd said he regrets what he said to the nurse, but thinks issuing the ticket was going too far.

“Mean, yes. Disrespectful, undeserved, but not criminal,” said Boyd.

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