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  • PTE

    ProTest engineering Ltd. provides comprehensive maintenance services and device modernisations mainly to pulp and paper industry. Our services include troubleshootings, process optimisations, device tunings, overhauls, device and system modernisations and start-ups.

  • Company

    The company operation is based on solid expertise. Our personnel has altogether a total of 45 years working experience in demanding automation, troubleshooting and customer service tasks as employees of a world-leading machine supplier. Our light organisation structure enables cost-effective, competitive, fast and flexible operation which will give advantages to our customers.

  • Expertice

    Deep understanding of the processes and top quality measurement equipment are just a couple of our strengths. We combine process, automation and mechanical knowledge in our work. We have practical work experience from over 150 individual machine lines throughout the world.

  • Values

    Our goal is to build lasting customer relationships and to prosper together with our customers. That is why we sell only tailor-made solutions to meet individual customer needs.