Update July 29: We have released the first annotated maps of Pluto and Charon.

Help us put names on the maps of Pluto and Charon!

On July 14, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will fly past Pluto, and we will map that distant world and its moons for the first time. What will we do when this:

Pluto and Charon at the best resolution obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope

looks more like this?

Pluto and Charon in detail-artist's rendering

Working with the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the New Horizons team plans to assign names to the features on the maps of Pluto and its large moon Charon, once we have seen them in sharp detail this summer. At this site, you can suggest your ideas for names and vote for your favorites. The team will use your best ideas in their proposal to the IAU.

The ballot will close on April 24, 2015.

Mark Showalter, member of the New Horizons Science Team

Proceed to: Simplified Ballot for Young People | Full Ballot
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