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Ross Emmett

Ross is a dynamic and unique practitioner with a diverse professional background leading to the development and evolution of the EMMETT Technique over the last 35 years.

He is a qualified instructor of Therapeutic Massage since 1983 and was a senior instructor of Bowen Therapy for 8 years. This coupled with his background with animals and training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming culminated in the evolution of the EMMETT Technique.

The technique Ross developed is widely recognised as an amazingly gentle, safe and simple to apply muscle release therapy based on an understanding of the body’s response to light touch.

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The EMMETT Technique

The Chameleon Approach to Body Therapies.

The EMMETT Technique is an amazingly gentle, safe and simple to apply muscle release therapy. It is used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement, restore a positive emotional state and improve the quality of life.

This internationally recognised technique developed by Ross Emmett and taught in over 26 countries worldwide is equally effective on both people and animals.

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What Our Members Say...

"Very informative...Enjoyed learning new modalities that I can use to assist my patients hips to toes. Thank you". (Podiatrist) EMM-Tech S...

Student Feedback
March 2016 - Tutor- Mel Jordan of EMM-Tech Short Course
29 March 2016

Some feedback we received at head office - "Thank you Pedro and the EMMETT Technique" "I really enjoyed the short course and Pedro is a g...

EMM-Tech Short Course
EMM-Tech Tutor - Pedro Marsh
29 March 2016

My Mum is 92 and hasn't been able to feel her feet for years. Mum's hand tremors were making it difficult to feed herself, she has lower bac...

Western Australia
03 March 2016

My name is Talia and I have learnt the EMMETT Technique for Horse. I am in the process of learning the people version so that I can treat ho...

11 February 2016

I must give you some feedback from when Ross ‘looked at’ Tara. Caroline and myself had often said that we felt that Tara had an underlyi...

Dave & Caroline Ingerson
26 November 2013

In the past month I have had 3 Emmett is a new experience and has been very helpful. Through gentle manipulation of a ser...

Mrs Heather Clapham
11 February 2016

“Sandra is very good speaker/teacher and is very happy to be at the front of the class and is confident in what she is teaching. It was a ...

11 February 2016

“Really enjoyed the course yesterday. Great job.” Nanette EMM-Tech Course Perth, WA...

11 February 2016

“Very well presented course. Learning was made easy and access to instructors was excellent. Being an ‘animal’ person I was a little c...

11 February 2016

“Thank you so much for such a great day. I really enjoyed it. You both presented it so well. I was straight home and practiced on my partn...

11 February 2016

“Thanks Sandra Junckerstorff and Michelle.” Had a great day, and my back feels amazing today.” Linda Perth, WA...

11 February 2016

“Thank you, I started on my family as soon as I got home.” My eldest said “wow Mummy did you lean how to do magic today?”…..and I ...

11 February 2016

OMG, I am feeling amazing. This morning I woke up and my whole upper body felt cramped up, I had a new technique workshop today so I chose n...

11 February 2016

I have been a long-time advocate of the Bowen Therapy Technique. Recently I have become a client of Colleen Kelly’s and a recipient of ...

Colleen Carmody
11 December 2011

Colleen has been treating me for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia syndrome for the last five years. Colleen’s combination of natural thera...

Elizabeth Shillito
11 February 2016

Hi Ross, Just wanted to thank you again for sharing module 1 & 2 in Sydney last weekend. Back in practice Monday, first client a mas...

Jannelle Rethus
11 February 2016

EMMETT Technique got me running the London Marathon! I started training for the London Marathon in mid November 2010. Having been experie...

11 February 2016

EMMETT Technique resolved my sciatic pain when nothing else did! I have suffered with a tight right buttock muscle for several years, whi...

Tracy Morgan
11 February 2016

EMMETT Technique releases my lifelong shoulder pain and restriction! I’m a 46-year-old woman and I have suffered with back problems as ...

Beverly Dunn Clark
11 February 2016

EMMETT Technique helps me to walk with confidence! I have benefited from Emmett Therapy since April and have found that in this relativel...

Julia TM
11 February 2016

I released my own heel pain with the EMMETT technique! I had had bilateral achilles tendonopathy (achilles/heel pain) for 3 years before ...

Wendy Hamilton
11 February 2016

EMMETT Technique freed up my neck! I have suffered with pain in the left side of my neck going down into my shoulder for years. Having ha...

Leicestershire, UK
11 February 2016

I approached Rusty from Emmett Technique Cairns, because I had been suffering from tennis elbow, neck, shoulder, back, hip and leg problems ...

Peter Mauloni
11 February 2016

Emmett Technique for Repetitive Strain Injury Judith Johnson is an excellent Emmett practitioner and is passionate about helping others. ...

10 February 2016

EMMETT Technique put my ankle right! My left ankle becomes weak and painful very easily. I have seen physios and a podiatric surgeon and ...

Ann Hutt
28 July 2015

I am a very active 50+ woman who loves to keep fit. I regularly work out at the gym, cycle a bit & live for golf. I play at a representative...

Marion Wright
10 July 2015

I trained in London as an osteopath and now practice in the Central Coast and Hunter region. I trained in Bowen and acupuncture as well as d...

Chris Porter
07 February 2016

I am a physiotherapist working in a busy private practice in Cairns, North Queensland. I have been using the Emmett Technique since 2003. I ...

Helen Cooper
07 February 2016

I first met Ross at a conference in St. Kilda in September 2003. When Ross came to Geelong to watch me work, he was able to explain what ...

Romney Smeeton
05 November 2004

The Emmett Technique is unique in its ability to combine with other therapies. Often immediate results are seen and felt during the first vi...

Debbie Keighran
06 February 2016

I am an Occupational Therapist with 23 years experience working in Rehabilitation and with children. The Emmett Technique enables me to g...

Jenni Day
06 February 2016

Sjorgens Disease (auto immune disorder). It's been such a huge journey working with health issues - and I find often when people get a 'l...

Heather Roylance
01 July 2015

It's always very difficult to 'describe' to someone what the Emmett treatment is. We can try and explain that we work with sensory points on...

Heather Roylance
01 July 2015

I have been a massage therapist for 12 years. Integrating the Emmett Technique using Ross’ theory, application methods with massage, has c...

Ben Pianese
05 February 2016

The Emmett Technique is a valuable part of my everyday practice in treating patients. The general feedback I get from those who have experie...

Heather Lamacraft
05 February 2016

Ross Emmett’s Technique is the quickest most effective treatment out there. By incorporating it into my existing disciplines clients i...

Darren Woodall
05 February 2016

The use of Emmett Therapy has hugely enhanced the outcome of my treatments of clients with MS, stroke and Parkinsons disease - particularly ...

Liz Boland
05 February 2016

One of my patients had a persistent pain in the side of his leg that had resisted several attempts at treatment over a number of months - in...

David Hallam
05 February 2016

I see a lady for personal training who has fibromyalgia and is in pain most of the time. Since I have introduced Emmett to her she can now h...

Wendy Hamilton
05 February 2016

I have been using the Emmett Technique for 2 years now in my practice as a body therapist. I love the simplicity and practicality of it. It ...

Cathy Vivian
05 February 2016

I’m still blown away with what I learnt at the EMM-Tech course (July 2012). This stuff is incredible. I’m implementing it into my ow...

Chris Burford
05 February 2016

The Emmett Technique is the most valuable ‘tool’ in my ‘tool box’! It works perfectly with my Pilates practice and I have been a...

Brigitte Tetlow
05 February 2016

I came to know the Emmett Technique almost by accident as an EMM-Tech had been organised by my Body Control Pilates teacher. I had not resea...

Dr Liz Garthwaite
05 February 2016

I am a deep tissue massage therapist and am also qualified in other forms of massage, Reflexology and Reiki. I came across the Emmett Techni...

Lesley Wootten
05 February 2016

Hi Ross, I have just completed Module 5 in Brisbane with Colleen last weekend and again have experienced your incredible work. I had ...

Jannelle Rethus
12 March 2014

Hi Ross Thank you for a most enjoyable day to say the least. I have to tell you that I am walking differently and as you saw Susanne ...

Rick Cuthbert
14 March 2010

Ross, I just wanted to let you know I had the opportunity to employ the calf movements as taught in level 1/2 on a 74 year old gentleman....

Robert Munro
14 March 2010

Dear Ross, My wife Jenni and I were part of a group trekking the Kokoda Track in May this year. We were half way along and were staing ov...

Chris and Jenni Lee
31 July 2007

My first contact with Colleen and her healing skills was about 2 years ago. I had a chronic back problem and I started experiencing very acu...

Suzanne, The Gap
04 February 2016

I went to Colleen 6 years ago for chronic back, neck and leg/feet problems. The benefits were immediately apparent. After only a couple of t...

R.B. - The Gap
04 February 2016

Colleen's empathy and skills make her so suited to this 'work', and we clients who live in Ipswich are going to miss her very much. Colle...

Lola Willis
04 February 2016

Hi Ross, After extensive personal development and business development work I have been searching for something. I honestly now think tha...

Samantha Billington
03 December 2015

Dear Ross, Here is Susanne from Germany again. As I have promised to you, here is feedback. Three days I needed no medication against ...

Dr Susanne Schneider
06 June 2013

I recently had a knee operation. Following the operation, my knee was very painful and swollen and the movement in my knee was restricted. I...

Vince Bailey
Principal of Vince Bailey Lawyer
03 August 2015

Hi Ross, I just had to let you know, I've had 2 amazing results today from existing clients. I got a bear hug from the guy as the chan...

Deborah Nicholson
17 June 2014

A good new story about my first 'baby high'....I was asked to visit a 13 month old infant who couldn't stand, walk, sit (without being propp...

Natalie Newman-Martin
17 September 2014

Hi Ross, I am a 67year old Grandmother and I just wanted to let you know why I decided to do the short course with Mel and Mandy. I wa...

08 May 2012

Hi Ross, For some years, Don has episodes in which he loses his life force - I cannot describe it any other way. He loses energy, goes pa...

Cassandra Perry
11 October 2012

Hi Ross, Just to let you know that our daughter Talia is making good progress. At this present time she is in rehab preparing to go home...

Trevor and Marolyn Lacey
04 June 2014

Hi Ross, I am so excited my Aunty aged 88 has lots of fluid in her legs no one was allowed to touch them as it hurt so much. Years of sho...

Fay Mayes
22 May 2013

Hi, I did the short course EMM-Tech training a few weeks ago and I can feel the difference. I have had an intermittent long standing...

Emma Gilbert
17 May 2013

It was great to meet with you in Cardiff. I wanted to share with you the personal joy of taking part in Module 1 & 2. Some weeks before t...

Judith Johnson
18 December 2012

At a recent training course in Melbourne we were able to witness Ross treat a young girl with Cerebral Palsy. The parents had hoped that ...

Tim Donehue
Zara's story
22 February 2015

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