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10 Tips to Help You Apply & Get In

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You’ve anguished and fretted over the LSAT, you’ve spent countless hours revising your personal statement, you’ve checked and re-checked all your optional essays, your bio and everything else that goes into perfecting your law school application.  You’re ready to press “send,” but once you… click for more >>

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The LSAT Retake Dilemma

Answering Your Top Cancel & Retake Questions

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Countdown to LSAT

What You Need to Do Between Now & Test Day

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    Telling Your Story

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Introducing a First-of-Its-Kind Law School Application Workshop

jdMission logo cropped
  Our friends at jdMission, a leading law school admissions consulting firm, have developed a first-of-its-kind law school application workshop to help you improve and accelerate the application process. During this six-hour course, Mary Adkins—Yale Law School graduate, award winning–playwright and veteran jdMission Senior Consultant—will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a distinct law school personal statement that will reveal your unique character t…click for more >>

From Inside the Admissions Office

application pile
  What  makes the people in the admissions office admit you instead of other candidates?  Would you like to hear what the people reviewing all these files  really think of your application  What makes your personal statement stand out? How does your transcript and course work stack up against others?   Should you still apply even if your LSAT score doesn't fall within the median percentile for your dream school? Our latest podcast, Secrets from Inside the Admissions Office:…click for more >>

The Short on Long-Term Planning: Keep in Touch with Former Professors

  As you think about whether law school is right for you—or even if you already know it is—what can you be doing now, in college or beyond, to improve your chances of getting in? In this series, “The Short on Long-Term Planning,” jdMission Senior Consultant Mary Adkins offers tips on how to make smart moves in the pre-application stage.   As you begin a new semester, remember that the professors teaching your courses (and the ones you had last semester) are the ver…click for more >>

LSAT Do’s & Don’ts for the Week Before the Test

The June LSAT is Monday, and for those of you wondering how to spend the next few days before you take it, here are some tips: DO get a good night’s sleep this week! You’re lucky that Monday’s test isn’t first thing in the morning, but you still want to be well-rested. I’m stating the obvious. DON’T work too hard on Sunday. If the idea of taking the day off to watch the new Arrested Development on Netflix panics you, read over your notes or do a game or two, maybe a few hard …click for more >>

Take 2? Answering Your Top LSAT Retake Questions

confused student lsat
          If you walk out of the LSAT shaking your head and wondering what went wrong, you're not alone. Plenty of test-takers are asking the same questions. Should I cancel my score? Should I wait to see how I did? What if I'm disappointed with my score? Do I retake the test? How will schools view multiple test scores? What should I do differently next time? We hear these questions over and over again so we gathered our panel of  experts to …click for more >>

Telling Your Story: Strike Duplicative Statements

telling your story laptop
    A personal statement is really no more than telling a story—one that illuminates the “you” a law school would be lucky to have in its student body. In this series, “Telling Your Story,” jdMission Senior Consultant Mary Adkins discusses how elements of storytelling can—and should—be applied to your personal statement. Here is a tip that I give myself all the time: Avoid using two sentences that essentially say the same thing. Here is the reason I have to remind mys…click for more >>

Win a Free iPad Plus Free Enrollment from Manhattan LSAT!

frree iPad plus with LSAT Interact
  Manhattan LSAT is celebrating the introduction of LSAT Interact, their dynamic new self-study prep lessons, by giving one lucky person a free iPad AND a free enrollment in LSAT Interact. Just click here to like their post on Facebook to enter the competition. In addition to Manhattan LSAT's one grand prize, for every 50 people who like their post on Facebook, Manhattan LSAT will  give away another enrollment in LSAT Interact. So, if 100 people like their post, Manhattan LSA…click for more >>

Manhattan LSAT Introduces LSAT Interact! New Dynamic Self-Study LSAT Prep Lessons

You call the shots on this one! Set your own LSAT study schedule, but get all the benefits of an "elite"  live course! Manhattan LSAT’s ‘LSAT Interact’ is a fully interactive self-study program that allows students to study on their own time, at their own pace, without having to passively digest information for hours on end. Designed by Manhattan Prep’s resident LSAT guru Noah Teitelbaum, the program was created to force students to think, just like they would if they were in a l…click for more >>

Think You May be Public Interest Bound? Start by Choosing the Right Law School

    If you're thinking you might want a career in public interest law, it's not too early to start planning, even while  you're still a law school applicant!   We recently devoted an entire podcast to this topic.  Our show covers everything a law student heading to the public sector should focus on, from curriculum offerings at law schools, law school career services, financial support and much more.           In this Law School …click for more >>

While You Wait to Hear Back From Law Schools

to the waiting room
Once you hit "submit" on the LSAC website, you begin yet another challenging part of the law school application process. Welcome to the waiting room...  It's easy to obsess over checking your emails constantly and viewing the law schools' "online status checkers."  We know -  it's a good idea to check these online status checkers periodically to make sure your application has been received by a law school, to determine if there's anything missing from your file, and confirm your…click for more >>

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