In September 1999, Living Earth Foundation helped to establish Living Earth Uganda as an independent, registered, non-government organisation. Since then, Living Earth Uganda has implemented poverty reduction strategies that incorporate the sustainable utilization of natural resources and the environment. Originally known as Living Earth Foundation Uganda, the name Living Earth Uganda (LEU) was officially registered in 2008.

LEU’s strategic objectives are to:

  • Provide support to poor urban communities through practical initiatives, addressing environmental issues in their local areas with special emphasis on solid waste management, urban sanitation and aesthetic enhancement of the environment
  • Work alongside government, communities and the private sector to promote environmental education; increasing awareness, commitment and ability to bring about desired changes in attitude and practices on environmental issues
  • Facilitate partnership formation between stakeholders in environmental management and education, to promote sustainable environmental development
  • Promote policies, practices and strategies to ensure proper environment and natural resource management in Uganda

LEU’s aim

LEU recognises that there are a number of issues adversely affecting the environment and natural resource management in Uganda. These include:

  • Widespread poverty forcing people to deal with their immediate livelihood needs, without due consideration for the long-term impact of activities on the natural resource base and environment
  • Low level action on environmental issues, manifested through poor waste disposal, wetland degradation and rampant burning of vegetation
  • Limited co-ordination between Government Ministries, the private sector and civil society organisations concerned with sustainable development and natural resource management
  • Inadequate knowledge, management and technical skills to enable Government, the private sector and communities to develop and implement sustainable development initiatives

Living Earth Uganda, through its project activities, has sought to address these issues by focusing on waste collection activities that simultaneously generate income.


DSCF0015Jobs and Oil: Improving Access to youth employment in Western Uganda

In light of the forthcoming oil industry, the Jobs and Oil project seeks to ensure that local communities share the prosperity and potential from the ‘oil boom’. LEF and LEU will improve access to the new employment markets that will emerge, through vocational and technical training to disadvantaged groups in addition to fostering links between the sectors involved.  Women and young people are identified as key groups that would benefit from this targeted training and more involvement with the decision-making processes.

Waste to Wealth Uganda

The project seeks to create a virtuous circle wherein slum dwellers take responsibility for collecting and managing household solid waste and fostering the development of wealth creating waste processing enterprises.

African Urban Enterprise Development Programme (AUEDP)

As part of its Waste to Wealth Project activities, Living Earth has created a tailor-made learning programme for entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) living and working in urban slum areas of Uganda, Nigeria and Cameroon

If you would like to learn more about our work in Uganda please contact:

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