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The rulebook for starting and growing a business has changed

To be unprofessional is not to be disrespectful. It is not be reckless or lazy. It is not to be unpunctual, badly presented or poorly spoken.

To be unprofessional is to be real. It is to create a vision unborrowed from the past. It is to develop products that genuinely wow your audience. It is to think of marketing strategies that the management consultants don’t have diagrams or buzz words for yet. It is to think original thoughts and speak of proactive ideas that haven’t been documented in the academic playbooks.

While the professionals are trying to outspend each other with oversized advertising budgets, unprofessionals prefer to have the media build their brand for them in a way that cuts through the advertising clutter. While the professionals are competing, unprofessionals are forming partnerships that see their brand travel further.

This book is your permission slip to throw out the rulebook; forget the old paradigms; and build your business to a position of market leadership using strategies that still haven’t found their way onto the notepads of the management consultants.

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UnProfessional chapters

1. Vision
2. Start before you’re ready
3. Build an attraction model
4. Get over your fear of sales
5. Become number one online
6. Manage and lead
7. Know your numbers
8. Play the bigger game
9. It’s your revolution

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Reviews from world leading entrepreneurs, CEO’s and journalists

"The brilliance of UnProfessional is that it challenges you to think differently. Jack has uncovered the new rules of building a great company in today's business world."

Siimon Reynolds

Co-founder of Photon Group, worth $500m at its peak

"In UnProfessional, Jack Delosa has outlined the exact strategies that will enable entrepreneurs to start and build not only the perfect business, but the perfect lifestyle."

Clair Jennifer

Founder of Wombat Boutique and past BRW Young Rich List Member

"Business is about challenging the status quo and doing things your way. In UnProfessional Jack Delosa gives entrepreneurs a step-by-step guide for exactly how to do this and succeed on your terms."

Creel Price

Sold his business for $109 million

"Jack Delosa's brief and simple guide for entrepreneurs emphasises that they don't need to be a genius programmer like Mark Zuckerberg to achieve success. It can come with attracting the right people, taking a risk, and being prepared to move on despite failure."

Nassim Khadem

BRW Magazine

"Jack Delosa is Australia's leading entrepreneur under 30 and in UnProfessional he sums up in very simple steps how you can build the business and lifestyle that is perfect for you. Read this book several times to build your own roadmap to unconventional success." 

Andrew Morello

Winner of The Apprentice and Head of Business Development Yellow Brick Road

"Jack Delosa has been changing lives and helping businesses explode (in a good way) for years, despite his young age. He's taken his extraordinary skills as an adviser, speaker and agent provocateur and distilled them into the one playbook; UnProfessional. He's one to watch, and so is this book."

James Tuckerman

Founder, Anthill Magazine

"Jack Delosa helped us achieve rapid growth with Cupcake Central by teaching us how to create a multi-million dollar business, which we have now done successfully. Jack also taught us that challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries was easier than we first thought."

Sheryl Thai

Founder of Cupcake Central, Winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year at The Australian Start-Up Awards

"I was a business newbie when I started my business in my spare bedroom and it went on to secure $1.1m in sales in its first 12 months.  Jack Delosa offers top class advice, real-world tips and buckets of inspiration to boot.  If you're an entrepreneur who wants to maximise your potential, make UnProfessional your handbook to success."

Lorraine Murphy

Founder of The Remarkables Group, Graduate of The Entourage Scalable and Saleable Program

“To be unprofessional is to challenge conventional thinking and innovate your way forward in the hope of creating a better tomorrow. May you use this play-book to your advantage as you invent your tomorrows.”

Dorry Kordahi

Co-founder of DKM Blue, BRW Young Rich List Member, writer of the Foreword for UnProfessional

"Entrepreneurship is a force that can be used for good. In UnProfessional Jack Delosa gives us a step by step guide to building something great that just may change the world." 

Samantha Cran

CEO of One Disease at a Time Foundation, listed in 100 Women of Influence by Australian Financial Review

“For business owners of any stage, even those yet to start, UnProfessional uncovers the key distinctions that will enable you to build a multi-million dollar business the smart way, without killing yourself in the process.”

Stuart Cook

Global CEO of Zambrero, Australia’s Fastest Growing Franchise 2011, 2012, 2013 (BRW)

Order online now or purchase at your local bookstore


Collins Booksellers



About the author – Jack Delosa, Gen Y entrepreneur and investor

Jack Delosa is an entrepreneur and investor who was recently described by Sunrise as “The Young Aussie Millionaire That Didn’t Finish Uni.”

At the age of 27, Jack has created two multi-million dollar businesses, MBE Education and The Entourage.

In 2007, Jack Delosa co-founded MBE Education, a company that would help entrepreneurs raise money from investors and sell their business.

“Jack Delosa has been shortlisted as one of Australia’s leading, under 30 entrepreneurs.”

Sky Business Channel

MBE quickly became one of Australia’s fastest growing companies [SmartCompany StartUp Awards 2009] and by the time Delosa was 22 MBE was doing over $1 million in annual revenue. In the coming years MBE would assist their clients in raising hundreds of millions of dollars from investors.

“Delosa has a range of investments and provides venture capital to start-ups.”


Today Delosa’s focus is on educating and developing a new breed of entrepreneur through his business education institution, The Entourage. The Entourage is Australia’s largest educator of entrepreneurs under 40, with over 35,000 Members around the world.

Educating entrepreneurs where they are needed most, he also contributed to the development of the curriculum at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa.

Jack has spoken for and been engaged as a thought-leader for brands such as Microsoft, AMEX, Virgin and CPA on the topic of business growth and performance.

Today he is a spokesperson for entrepreneurship in Australia as a regular blogger for Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Start Up Smart, Dynamic Business Magazine and AMEX. He has also been featured in BRW, GQ, Career One, Fitness First Magazine, Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10 News, Sunrise, The Morning Show, Sky Business and was on the cover of Central Magazine.

In 2013 Jack founded The Entourage Foundation which is igniting a generation of enterprising young people to drive Australia forward by delivering business education through high-schools nationally.

“Bricks and mortar is out, according to Delosa… building a business in.”


“Jack Delosa from The Entourage: Shaking up the entrepreneurial sphere.”


In recognition of his successes, Jack has been listed as one of the top 10 entrepreneurs under 30 in Australia in the Dynamic Business Young Guns and in SmartCompany’s Hot 30Under30. He has also been listed four times in Australian Anthill’s 30Under30 Publication.

Jack’s Young Gun Blog on Sydney Morning Herald was named in the Top 25 Business Blogs in Australia by Smart Company.