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Israel renews diplomatic ties with the Maldives, a Muslim country


- The State of Israel and the Republic of Maldives, the smallest Muslim country in the world, have resumed diplomatic relations after a freeze of 15 years, said Friday an official Israeli source.

  •     "Israel and the Republic of Maldives resumed full diplomatic relations," declared an Israeli official on condition of anonymity to AFP.

        He said an agreement had been signed by the head of Israeli diplomacy Avigdor Lieberman and a senior official of the Maldives on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the UN in New York.

        "The two countries have agreed to cooperate in particular in the fields of tourism, health and education," this official added.

        Israel has diplomatic relations with several Muslim countries including Turkey. However, it currently has diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level with only two Arab countries, Egypt and Jordan.

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Comments (5 posted):

anonCoward on 27 September, 2009 08:42:52
As a Muslim, I am glad that they made this move. Its about time we get past century-old grudges purported by religious zealots and go about being more progressive about development opportunities and mutual International Interests.
muslim on 02 October, 2009 11:34:26
as you are cowards so it will be very good news for you
Nizam on 04 October, 2009 06:48:06
As a muslim and a maldivian i am not happy to see a deplomatic relations with a country which occupy the land of palestine and kill the brothers and sisters of palestine daily. If they stop such acts and give the occupied lands to the owners of them then it is ok to have a diplomatic relations.
Maldivian Muslim on 04 October, 2009 07:10:04
As a Maldivian Muslim, I wish to see all possibilities to end the suffering of the weak. Lets face the truth, the rich Arab countries have failed to help them and its not in anyway Islamic to try and drive millions of people into the sea. Lets try to help them in whichever we can now, and when you rich Arabs can take some time away from your toxic luxuries to pay attention and pull yourself together, then maybe you can do something about it.
Maldivian Muslim on 04 October, 2009 07:18:25
This is not the first time Muslims have lost Jerusalem and the land around it. What did previous Muslim leaders do? Did they severe off all diplomatic ties and drive them all to sea...? Take Salahudheen as an example. Maybe we have to learn to live with others. Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) drive all Jews in Medina out of the city? Whats happened has happened because of the Arabs themselves...and Israel is probably here to stay. Be patient and be a good Muslim...and just ask from Allah (SWA) everything...
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