I am a million pieces that you've found, Shards of glass here on the ground.I am a million pieces that you’ve found,
Shards of glass here on the ground.
So many corners in my mind,
Identifying myself? I’m hard to find.

Who am I?

I do not know,
For I was broken long ago.

Who am I?

The question vexes
For I am blind in the dark.
The question perplexes.

I sweep the shards, I get the glue,
But oh, how it pains! If you only knew
How hard it is to fuse the hardship and despair
With my positive self,
To be fully aware.

I can’t do it!
It hurts too much
To identify the bad, the ugly and such.

I can do it.
I sense it in my core.
This shattered self
Will be whole once more.

I owe it to myself.

From holes to whole
The shards fuse strong.

I am on the mend.


  • Do you think compartmentalisation is good or bad?
  • Can you really know yourself if you have divided yourself into multiple sections?
  • Is it just trauma that makes you compartmentalise?      
  • How can you fix yourself after being broken?

Credits: Picture by Tim Harris

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