Lazy should be a pathology. It should be in the DSM. There ought be to be treatment for it. Because it can grip you like a irritated pimp and slap you around.

I thought it might be coming, because I’ve seen it before. It eats you up inside and you don’t even know that it happened. Starting off with the best intention, you’re gung-ho, you’re on fire and ready to shoot the gun, and so you do.

Later it sneaks up on you and bites hard. You stop in your tracks, you don’t progress, you don’t accomplish anything. You don’t…DO.

Is it a hump? Can it be navigated over, around or across? Can you sneak past lazy? Can you boldly assault it?

If you want something bad enough, can you just say “Fuck you” and push through?

I Didn’t Mean It

After all that hooey in the post below this one about flexing the muscle, and the story I’m working on is just a practice, I had a couple of epiphanies about it thanks to some profanity-laden sage advice from Chuck Wendig. Specifically with regards to character and dialogue. It was good stuff and I want to put it into practice. I still feel like it’s a practice piece, but when I think about it, I’m in a better place with it now than I was yesterday.

Hopefully as time permits (what’s that?) I’ll get more than a few hundred words down per day. But it’s quality, not quantity, right? RIGHT?!