Hawkins Roofing Services

Serving Western Mass

Expert Slate Repair – Mitch Hawkins is the Pioneer Valleys most trusted slate repair expert.  Repair your slate roof and add years of life to roof and prevent costly damage to you interior.

Snow Belt Installation – In the harsh New England winters, ice dams and snow removal can be tricky.  Many home owners actually cause more damage by trying to remove snow and ice from their roofs.  Snowbelt can alleviate back ups and ice dams, saving money from interior water damage.

Chimney Repair – Mitch can re-point and re-flash your chimney and seal and cap it from weather.  Brick is very porous and over time needs to be resealed for minor chimney repairs and weatherization.

Valley Repair – Overtime valley’s on your roof can lose their ability to keep rain from penetrating the roof.  With water constantly diverted and accumulating in the valley it does take it toll on the durabilty, re-building of valleys to ensure they are water tight is one of Mitch’s specialty.

Snow and Ice Removal – For you own safety and to minimize damage to the roof, please call Mitch for snow removal, many home owners attempt to remove the snow and ice with an axe doing further damage.

Small Shingle Jobs –  For garages, small barns or homes.