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Orthodox LGBT News

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Jewish? Orthodox? Gay?
You Are Not Alone

Welcome to JQY!

JQY is a nonprofit organization supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Jews and their families in the Orthodox community.

Our mission is to address the unique needs of LGBT frum* and formerly frum Jews. JQY is dedicated to cultivating a Jewish community where no one feels alone, bullied or silenced because of their orientation or gender identity. Special attention is given to youth, young adults and their families; however we have programs for all ages.

JQY programming reflects the support, community building, and awareness/advocacy needs of our community. To find out more about our programs, click the links below or visit our programs page.

Support Community Awareness
Discussion Groups
Monthly Meetings
Support for Parents
Crisis Resources
Women's Space
Holiday Events
Shabbat Meals
Open Beit Medrash
Daf Yomi Group
Social Get-togethers
Speakers Bureau / Panels
Mental Health Training
Orthodox Leaders Outreach
JQY Video Library
Israel Day Parade March

JQY is New York based, but we have members and events all over the world.

We Are In Every Yeshiva!

Our members come from frum communities like: Flatbush, Kew Garden Hills, Lakewood, Teaneck, Borough Park, Monsey, Crown Heights, The Upper West Side, Washington Heights, Lawrence, Hancock Park (L.A), Toronto, Montreal, Golder's Green (England), Melbourne (Australia), Johannesburg (S Africa) and Jerusalem.

Watch this important message from JQY members about being gay and Orthodox:

Watch our other videos, including the historic JQY YU gay panel!

Find out more about our previous panels!

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New to JQY?  If you need support and want to reach out anonymously to JQY click here, or call our support line (551) JQY-HOPE (551-579-4673).

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*Frum includes: "Orthodox, Yeshivish, Chasidish, Sephardic, modern, and traditional Jewish identities"

Orthodox LGBT FAQs

Orthodox LGBT Fact Sheet!

This fact sheet contains a list of common questions, concerns, and criticisms about being gay and Orthodox, along with responses from supportive Orthodox rabbis.

Upcoming Events

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