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Email Marketing

Cost effective email campaigns and newsletter marketing management are absolute priority for generating sales leads and staying in touch with your stakeholders. But be aware of the content you are sending. An easy way to benchmark your own newsletter is to analyse why you read the emails and newsletters you're subscribed to; it's usually because the information is pertinent and topical to your requirement. Seems simple; but in the same way that you delete boring corporate puffery remember your readers will delete yours too.

Newsletter marketing management

However, run your email campaign, ezine or newsletter well and discover even more benefits.

  •     Address capture for pro-active marketing.
  •     Build corporate/brand awareness.
  •     Deliver added value to the customer (new offers, news etc)
  •     Stimulate repeat visits.
  •     Drive the sale.
  •     Develop e-CRM.

Effective Email campaigns

Getting a good ROI from your email campaign, newsletter or ezine is more than writing truly useful copy in scintillating style; you must address cost savings in administration too. Ensure your newsletter is fully automated: for example subscriptions should be double opt-in; an email is automatically sent to the new subscriber asking them to confirm their request. Additionally you will need to automate unsubscribes - users will complain to your ISP if you don't do this promptly and you may get blacklisted after to many complaints.

Check that your newsletter/email marketing management tool features timed distribution, searchable databases, and full featured content management.

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