On-Site CPE

Quality CPE fit for your firm.

Does a group of your staff need to take a course? We’ll bring it to your office.

On-site training is a convenient and cost-effective solution for firms and companies looking for top-quality programs tailored to their specific needs. This is made possible by our strong relationships with top CPE developers spanning all fields of study. Prices vary slightly depending on topic and instructor.

Have an instructor in your office? In some cases, materials are available without an instructor, allowing you the flexibility of using an instructor of your choice. We’ll work with you to design a program suited to your staff.

Will the price be lower if we contact the vendor directly to order an in-house presentation? No, the price will be the same either way, but if you place your order through the MSCPA, we will take care of administrative details including interface with the vendor, all record keeping and awarding of CPE to participants.

You provide the space. We’ll take care of everything else.

For details and pricing, contact Julia Bowker at jbowker@mscpaonline.org or 800.392.6145.