Social news strategy

By delivering fast, accurate breaking news on Twitter, encouraging debate and discourse on Facebook and providing in-depth analysis for Google+, the BBC’s social news team serves an audience of millions.

The social news team has to quickly turn copy and interviews into tweets, monitor radio and TV output for clips to post, as well as promote and trail News content. It’s a 24-hour operation. 

Stories must be verified, tweets and posts double-checked, and content must comply with the BBC News style guide

“One thing we’ve learnt about social media is that pictures travel further than anything else. Text is important to people in a story but if you can attach a picture it’s much more shareable”

Assistant editor Mark Frankel says picture-rich and interactive content, and stories with discursive and deliberating points, all work well on social media platforms. Choosing the right story for right the platform is part of the challenge.

In this video we hear how the social news team makes those choices and drives a new audience to traditional BBC News platforms.


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