Who are the Forgotten Refugees?

The forgotten refugees are Jewish refugees from Muslim lands that:

  • were forced to leave their birthplace due to intimidation from their governments and neighbors or;

  • foresaw the eventual persecution at the hands of the governments of their host states and their neighbors

These Jewish refugees, in many cases, were not allowed to sell their property, businesses or goods before departing.  Many Muslim governments profitted from their departure, obtaining in many cases large swaths of land and big businesses.  Many Jewish refugees, previously rich, left everything behind, for fear that if they remained, they and their families were killed.  Each country from which they came had events that led the Jews to believe they were in danger, leading to the mass exodus. 

The history of these Jews has long been ignored by media organizations and governments.  The estimated value of confiscated property, goods and businesses is upwards of $100 billion dollars, yet the international arena has not made made any noise.

Our hope is that through the Forgotten Refugees Collection of testimonials, we will be able to capture information that has been lost until now.  We will interview thousands of Jews who came from Muslim lands and will capture the interviews on video, document and archive these interviews.  Their memories will not be forgotten and the future generations will have a reliable means to learn the extensive history of Jews in the Middle East.


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