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Falcon Host

Next-Generation Endpoint Protection


Continuous visibility protects your endpoints against all threat types -- known and unknown, malware and malware-free. Nothing is missed, so you can respond in real-time to stop breaches.

Unique Indicator of Attack (IOA) behavioral blocking

Extensive prevention of privilege escalation, ransomware, zero-day exploits, and more

Sophisticated machine learning-driven malware protection

Real-time and historical analysis of key endpoint activity such as processes, threads and more

Falcon Overwatch

Managed Hunting

To defeat sophisticated adversaries focused on breaching your organization, you need a dedicated team working for you 24/7 to proactively identify attacks.

A global team of expert adversary hunters, watching your back 24/7

Reduce alert fatigue with proactive notification and actionable alerts

Augment your existing in-house resources, improving your operational efficiency

Leverage the “power of the crowd” to identify new and emerging threats to your organization

Falcon Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Track global adversary activity with customized and actionable intelligence. Understand adversary motives, anticipate their actions, and prevent them from breaching your organization.

In-depth cyber security analysis and reporting

Attack attribution and identification of unique adversary TTPs (tactics, techniques and procedures)

Customizable feeds and API supporting a wide range of formats

70+ Adversaries tracked around the clock, around the Globe

Tailored Intelligence providing visibility into events that matter to you