Journalistic Views on Encryption

Apr 11, 2016
by: kepler

The first article I used to research more on the issue of encryption and the role the US government has played in its history comes from the journal American Scientist. In an article published earlier this year, titled Cypherpunks write code, the author chronicles how groups of early internet cryptographers would groups up and discuss the issues surrounding cryptography. Eventually these groups would find their way into becoming activist, working for the protection of the individual's right to privacy - later becoming "hacktivisim." Possibly most interesting this article tells the origin story of one of the internet's most famed activists Julian Asange. The article can be found here: http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/ovic/AcademicJournalsDetailsPage/AcademicJour...

The second article which I used during research is titled "If Internet Activism Is Forced to Go Underground, Democratic Communication May Be Lost." In it the author discusses the innovations which have risen up due to government's surveillance around the world. Toward the end of the article the author discuses some of the underground networks of the internet, without going into much description. I believe this ties in very well with the previous article. Following the discussion of underground networks the author expresses worry of networks splintering due to the stresses of surveillance - however I have hope. The article can be found here: http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/ovic/ViewpointsDetailsPage/ViewpointsDetailsW...