A New Book

This website is about a forthcoming book, Society Changed.  A pretty good title, I think.

Having a domain name and website doesn’t prevent someone else from having a book with the same title, but nothing can.  You can’t trademark or copyright book titles.  Still, it may discourage people.  When I am looking for a book title to use, I always search for the matching domain names first.  If the domain name is taken, then it’s probably not such a good title choice.  If there is another website with a possible book title, that’s not good either, even if the site doesn’t use a matching domain name.

Society Changed would make such a great title for a non-fiction book that it seems a shame to use if for a work of fiction, but that seems to be what I do.  I write fiction.  Oh, I write computer programs and put up websites as well, but I’m most most productive writing fiction.  What I’ve written could be called novels of ideas, but I dare not mention that term within earshot of a potential publisher.  Ideas are somehow less interesting than supernatural romances, unscientific science fiction and murder mysteries.

It was not always so.  I loved the novels of Iris Murdoch, C.P. Snow and Walker Percy, for example. Not to mention the classics, such as Aldous Huxley, Hermann Hesse  and Thomas Mann. I suppose there are new novels of ideas being written, but what ideas?  I immodestly think that my own ideas are among the best.  I hope Society Changed will demonstrate that.

What an author should write are books he or she would like to read.  I would like very much to read books like Society Changed, but don’t know of any.  It will be about how society has changed, because of technology.  It will also describe a new technology and give a glimpse into a future in which that new technology has changed the future.  Though it includes other things, the essence of the new technology is social media, it is social technology.  The people who create it hope to draw people to its website, at www.MetaXene.com.

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