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NCITS/J13 is the NCITS technical committee for Lisp. J13 maintains the ANSI standard for Common Lisp.

NCITS procedures require that all Technical Committee documents be numbered for reference and copies filed. This page is intended to provide convenient access to most J13 documents. While this page is maintained by the J13 chair, it should not be considered the official document repository. The official repository is maintained by NCITS along with an official contact page for J13 but so far it hasn't seemed worthwhile to duplicate an online document registry at NCITS.

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NCITS/J13 Document Register -- 1999

99/001Call to Convene
99/002Minutes for the 6May99 Meeting
99/003ANS Reaffirmation Letter Ballot -- cover letter
99/004ANS Reaffirmation Letter Ballot
99/005ANS Reaffirmation Recommendation to the Secretariat
99/006J13 Yearly Report to NCITS for 1999
99/007Draft Agenda for 27Jul99 J13 Meeting
99/008Minutes for 27Jul99 J13 Meeting
99/009Draft Agenda for 14Oct99 J13 Meeting
99/010Minutes for 14Oct99 J13 Meeting

NCITS/J13 Document Register -- 2000

00/001J13 Yearly Report to NCITS for 2000
00/00230-Day Meeting Call & Draft Agenda for 12Dec2000
00/003Draft Minutes for 12Dec2000 Meeting

NCITS/J13 Document Register -- 2001

01/001J13 Yearly Report to NCITS for 2001

NCITS/J13 Document Register -- 2002

02/001J13 Yearly Report to NCITS for 2002
02/002J13 Meeting Call / Draft Agenda for July 29, 2002

NCITS/J13 Document Register -- 2003

03/001J13 Yearly Report to NCITS for 2002-03

NCITS/J13 Document Register -- 2004

04/001J13 Yearly Report to NCITS for 2003-04