Crime Update | 8-14 March 2016

16 Mar 2016 2:29 PM | Justin McCall (Administrator)

SafeParks | Crime Update | 8-14 March 2016

SafeParks™ is a Public Space Security Initiative operated and managed by the Parkhurst Village Residents and Business Owners Association
Noticed anything suspicious? Report immediately to CSS
0861 911 119

SafeParks™ Progress Update

Total SafeParks Contributors
R 210,391.82
in Monthly Contributions
(Includes CSS Armed Response contributions)

Weekly Incident Update

Below are the incidents that occurred in Parkhurst as reported through the SafeParks Public Space Security Initiative and CPF / Parkview SAPS meetings.

Incidents that occurred between 8-14 March 2016
Type of Incident Location Time

House Burglary

11th Street 8 Mar 12:00
Theft out of Motor Vehicle 21st Street 11 Mar
House Robbery 9th Street 13 Mar 00:00
Total Number of Incidents for period:
3 incidents


If any incident occurs in the neighbourhood, please ensure that the incident is reported to SAPS.  If SAPS aren't made aware of incidents, there is no way for them to combat crime.  Also ensure that security providers on scene report the incidents in the SAPS weekly meeting.

Safety Tips

  • Suspicious vehicles
    Silver VW Polo involved in theft of MV in surrounding areas
  • Follow Homes
    Always be alert when returning home, especially after visiting a shopping mall or bank. Don’t drive straight home!  When close to your home, make a few left turns to see if you are followed and even then still phone your security provider and ask for a meet and greet. Please keep in mind, that if you are planning a meet and greet that the Tactical vehicles might be busy with calls so allow enough time (± 8 – 10min) to ensure that they are free and waiting for you at your home
  • Electric Fence
    Inspect you electric fence weekly, it is your first line of defence and make sure it is connected to your alarm system, cut foliage away and check that energizer’s battery is in a good condition to supply continuous power to the fence in case of power failures  
  • Show House Robberies
    Two incidents were reported in JHB area where show houses were targeted on Sundays.  The suspects use this opportunity seeing that it is open day where any one is allowed inside the houses.

    Residents must more vigilant when visiting show houses and owners and estate agents to inform SAPS and security when an open day is planned and to lookout for suspicious activity.

    Report any activity you may find suspicious. Rather be over cautious than sorry
  • Don't leave your belongings in your car, even if they are locked in the boot.
  • Don't feed beggars and vagrants or give them money, it encourages them to stay in the area and some of them contribute to crime.
  • Make sure that gates and garage doors are closed, don’t assume that the gate or door will close after you have pressed the remote. Close the gate while your gardener cleans the pavement and don’t let him be in possession of the remote/keys while he is cleaning outside  

Home Alarms

Residents to ensure that their alarm systems is in good working order and to test it regularly. Ensure that the response company receive the correct signals

Online Safety
Be careful about the personal information you provide online. You may feel safe in a secret group on Facebook, but be very aware that there are criminals who weasel their way in and are just waiting for you to provide personal information such as:

  • Contact numbers
  • Home address
  • Your whereabouts
  • When you're looking for a domestic worker
  • When you're going on holiday, and when you need a house or a pet sitter.
Should you have any queries relating to SafeParks
or if you would like to join,
please e-mail

Support SafeParks

Please encourage your neighbours to contribute to the SafeParks Public Space Security Initiative.  For the price of a meal, you can have peace of mind that someone is keeping a watchful eye on your neighbourhood. All funds received from Armed Response contracts with CSS also contribute to resources for our neighbourhood so why not switch to CSS, they offer an outstanding service.

Only R368,56 per month

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CSS Tactical is the chosen provider for the SafeParks Public Space Security Initiative.

If you would like CSS to cover your home security, please give them a call on (011) 577 1111

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