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BRMB RADIO - Feature
XTRA-AM - Feature
UK Radio History - Part 1
UK Radio History - Part 2
UK Radio History - Part 3
THE CN TOWER - Feature
MALTA'S Masts & Towers - Feature
Mast & Tower Photographs
RTE VHF-FM Transmitters
Citizens Band Radio
Transmitter Maps 
Visit to Washford Cross 
LIMOGES - The Refurbishment
Crystal Sets
TRF Radios
DX Loop aerials & ATUs
Resistor Colour Codes and
     Capacitor Conversion Table
Having difficulty in finding
- Some ideas for
     electronic component suppliers
DX-ing & Short Wave Radio 
Riding On A Wave
The Safety Of Radio Waves
Radio Terms & Definitions
     23/9/43 to 18/12/2006
     Sony Award Winner
     (Station 'Poetry')
LOWE HF Series Radios
Make an Add-on Signal Meter
Palstar R30 HF Receiver
Classic-FM Engineering info 
Radio Reception Advice
Make a BBC FM Aerial 
Citizens Band Radio
Theoretical Musings
     by Captain Radio
The Lord Of The Rings
Broadcast Masts & Towers
Peterborough Mast Fire
     & Collapse - 30th October 2004
Storm Damage
     at Two Lochs Radio
Save The BBC !
Identifying TX Aerials - External link to my article on Mike Brown's MB21 Site
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Old out of date / archived things:
DTT - Digital Terrestrial Television
DAB Digital Radio

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Over 85% of the UK population can receive the new DAB Digutal Radio services with new transmitters being planned for continued improvement.

See Coverage Maps Here

                                      National DAB

Above: BBC  DAB Coverage

Digital One DAB Map

Above: Digital One DAB Coverage

Cossor Radio


Welcome to our radio pages - we hope that you enjoy your visit and find what you're looking for!

We're sure that this page can direct you to lots of radio related information:

A short history of radio; radio construction projects; photographs of transmitter masts and towers; amateur radio; crystal sets; personality features; radio station features; discussion points; technical information; transmitter sites, stations and frequencies.

It's all here. We hope that you find what you're looking for and we're sure that you'll find lots of things of interest.

If you have any articles that you'd like to submit - please contact us here.  Thanks.


Don't forget to visit our AIRWAVES section! Airwaves contains a selection of fascinating articles, small features, news clippings and general memorabilia about various radio stations and the development of local stations in particular.  We have quite a lot of material, not all of which is worthy of inclusion, and it will be a large task to edit, however we will add to this new section as time allows.


Pat Hawker (1923 - 21/02/2013) pays tribute to the key personalities who masterminded the creation and development of the transmission system for the Independent Broadcasting Authority (I.B.A.) that would carry Britain's Independent Television service. The Men Behind The Masts


We had a superb holiday in Toronto, Canada in 2006.  On these pages you can see some photographs of the CBC Broadcast Centre and the CN TOWER


We spent a holiday in Malta in April 2004 and although I had not intended to photograph any masts on the island, inevitably we saw a number of masts and the camera just had to be produced to record these views.  You can see the Malta's Masts feature HERE!


MDS975 contributor Martin Wakins, Wendy, Julie and I made an enjoyable visit to the WASHFORD transmitting site and Tropiquaria in North Somerset.  You can see the details & photographs HERE!


Please use the buttons on the left to navigate to a topic that is of interest, for example:

UK Radio - A Brief History Parts 1, 2 & 3
A whistle-stop tour through the history of British radio.  I include this feature here as a "bringing-together" information from many other sources.  I had felt rather unsatisfied that a brief story covering the first days of wireless up to today's radio could not easily be found as one brief summary of all the major developments. Certainly there are extremely detailed accounts of certain eras or specific events and personalities in radio history to be found, but not a simple short article that sums up the total radio history in the UK from 2MT to DAB.  I hope you will have a look and find it useful and interesting.

My account an overview but I hope it covers the important events and milestones in the development of radio broadcasting around Britain, by its nature cannot go into all the minute details but I hope it provides a worthwhile and enjoyable insight. I must thank Martin Watkins, Andrew Rogers for help offered with compiling this account.  For more click HERE

ALL THE WAVELENGTHS ARE HERE - ( Medium Wave / AM  +  VHF / FM and DAB too ! ):

Martin Watkins' amazing lists of transmitters and frequencies:

NEW U.K. LISTS - New & Updated September 2011

Excel spreadsheet format .xls files  
*excel sheet contained in compressed .rar file
Link: Download TUGZIP to decompress .rar files

SUMMARY of other or previous lists
(More details are given below this box)

++ Medium Wave / AM ++  -  Comprehensive listings:

Medium Wave / AM frequency lists from 1920's onwards (15/1/08) - zip

Older Versions:
VHF / FM from 1959 TO 2008 : version 17 March 2008 - zip
VHF/FM and DAB : compiled 2008 - zip

You can download complete AM transmitter and wavelength listings together with comprehensive FM and DAB transmitter and frequency listings from this page all compiled in spreadsheet form by (the now extremely tired) Martin Watkins.

MEDIUM WAVE - AM: For anyone interested in knowing what frequencies were used when they were used and where they were transmitted from, Martin Watkins has produced what really must be THE definitive listing of transmitters and frequencies used in the UK since the 1920's.  I sincerely recommend that you download Martin's spreadsheet and take a look.  It has taken much research and many hours to compile and I can honestly say that I have not found such a complete listing anywhere else.  I thank Martin for allowing me to publish it here - FIRST!!  Download the zipped spreadsheet by clicking HERE   (Updated Jan 15th 2008)

VHF / FM: For an FM listing covering the developments in VHF sound broadcasting from 1959 to 2008 you can download the zipped spreadsheet file from HERE   (Version 17. Updated March 2008)

FM and DAB  - Martin has compiled a composite list of all the current FM and DAB transmitters in use, together with associated technical details.  Another amazingly comprehensive listing for 2008!  Download the zipped file of all the FM and DAB transmitters   HERE

UHF Television Digital Television Band Plan After "DSO" - Analogue Switch Off : Martin compiled a list of UHF transmitters showing the anticipated transmitter plan after Digital Switch Over. Detailed Excel file HERE

DTT Allocations: Martin Watkins also compiled an extremely detailed composite list of all the UHF Digital Television Transmitter allocations (including the Freeview service) as ratified by the ITU that would be in force after digital switch-over in the UK. However, it seems that many of the plans have been subsequently superseded. We have left the file here merely as something that may be of interest.  -  Download the zipped file of all the ITU ratified UK DTT UHF Channel allocations HERE - by Martin Watkins,  - version 9.

DSO: UK Digital Switch Over (DSO) - Freeview - Digital Television: Information and useful links >

Thank you very much to Martin Watkins for all this hard work!

The Technical Corner:  Technical Musings by Captain Radio

While Martin Watkins has covered wavelengths of yesterday and today, Captain Radio has submitted some comprehensive theoretical work on frequencies that could have been, or should have been.  This is the result of his many studies improving broadcast reception.  Navigate to the Theoretical Musings from the buttons to the right, or click HERE

Pirates to the East!

Additionally have a look at the Pirate Radio feature - a short summary of offshore and pirate broadcasting in the UK in the sixties and beyond.  Once again, please navigate to this feature from the buttons to the right.

It was great to hear the BBC celebrate the 40th anniversary of pirate radio in the UK during Easter 2004 with the transmitters of local station BBC Essex being handed over to Pirate BBC Essex for a whole week when listeners were treated to such delights as appearances from 60's pirate radio veterans Keith Skues, Roger (Twiggy) Day, Pete Brady, Paul Burnett, Mike Ahern and Dave Cash.

AMATEUR RADIO  -  What is Amateur Radio?

In 1910 the HM Postmaster General licensed “experimental wireless”, which still uniquely gives radio amateurs the ability to innovate without commercial or statutory controls even in the closely regulated environment of the 21st century. Today, Amateur Radio continues to be a hobby for anyone who has an interest in the amazing technical discoveries of the early scientists and radio pioneers; Heinrich Hertz, Augusto Righi, Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, David Hughes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Alexanda Popov and, of course, Guglielmo Marconi [more].

The individual interests may range from radio wave propagation - how far will my signal travel and how did it get there -, to experiments with electronic circuit design and construction - e.g. building radio receivers, station accessories, transmitters & amplifiers -, to antenna design, antenna building and experimentation, to satellite communication, digital modes, Morse Code and much, much more.

The radio spectrum is scarce and very precious, so to attain the great privilege of being able to transmit, a Radio Amateur must first obtain an Amateur Radio Transmitting Licence which is issued by Ofcom, the UK's radio spectrum regulator: The necessary learning and examinations are overseen by the Radio Society Of Great Britain - RSGB.

RADIO is quite different to communicating through cabled public telephone systems and although the Internet has many parts to play in Amateur Radio (websites offering useful information, electronic QSL's, QRZ database and DX Cluster to name a few), there is no skill or expertise required, no challenge and certainly no 'magic' in communication through internet chat rooms. There certainly is a magical wonder of being able to talk wirelessly, radio to radio, aerial to aerial, radio enthusiast to radio enthusiast - especially when it is via the earth's rather amazing ionosphere - and particularly if you have made your own antenna!  -  Find out more about Amateur Radio here.

Why not join MIKE BROWN's [TX-list]
at MB21.co.uk to discuss broadcast transmitters, transmission and reception
of radio and tv in the UK.  Click the logo!


COMMUNICATION - The Monthly Journal Of The British DX Club (BDXC) with all the latest UK and worldwide radio news, views and opinions: Visit www.bdxc.org.uk

RADIO USER - A new magazine for 2006 formed out of an amalgamation of Short Wave Magazine (SWM) and Radio Active.  Published by P W Publishing and edited by Elaine Richards: Visit www.pwpublishing.ltd.uk

PRACTICAL WIRELESS - Continues as the premier magazine for radio amateurs and hobbyists, published by P W Publishing and edited by Rob Mannion:  Visit  www.pwpublishing.ltd.uk

More Radio Links HERE

Downloading BBC Radio Programmes

RadioDownloader -
Download BBC Radio programmes directly to your computer from the BBC's iPlayer using Radio Downloader. Radio Downloader can be obtained here: http://www.nerdoftheherd.com/tools/radiodld/help/

Screamer - http://www.screamer-radio.com/

Radio Feeds - http://www.radiofeeds.co.uk/aac.asp


Les Ross
Click The Photo To Visit BBC Radio WM !

A legend in Midlands radio broadcasting for over 30 Years and multi Sony Radio Award winner!

Les worked for BBC Radio Birmingham from 1970 to 1975, but is perhaps best known for his longstanding work at BRMB and sister service XTRA AM, the Birmingham radio stations that he helped make such a success from 1976 to 2002.  After this, Les moved to Saga Radio in the West Midlands where he presented the breakfast show in his own inimitable syle from December 2002 and almost doubled the audience.  Of course!  Les was made a member of the Radio Academy in November 2004 and decided to leave Saga in December to join the BBC at Radio WM where he stayed until March 2009.

Ed Doolan
Ed Doolan
A legend in the Midlands region
Tune in to BBC RADIO WM
95.6 FM + DAB + Digital + Web

It's all on BBC7
on DAB Digital Radio

Click the photo to find out all about BBC Radio 7

Mike Dickin
Mike Dickin
23/9/43 to 18/12/2006
TUSHAR - 100.7 Heart FM DJ
2 Feb 1967 - 12 Feb 2004

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