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Local Money

This is my very first completed Prezi, presented to the first conference on the Good Economy in Zagreb Croatia on 21st March 2014. The conference was organised by ZMAG - Green Network of Activist Groups.

John Rogers

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Local Money

Currency is a mechanism that shows a flow:
* goods & services exchanged
* service to my community
* protection of the environment
National currency
legal tender for debts and taxes
Loyalty currencies
Virtual currencies
Local and regional currencies
Sectoral currencies
More chains: regulation
Better training: ethical trade
Better training: ethical enterprises
Establish local medium of exchange not used for speculation under control of local people
* community decides what trades acceptable

* NOT value free but value driven

* trading rules ensure governance
Crisis, what crisis?
Who will tame the Money Beast?
Why do we need local currencies?

* money stays in region

* consumers support local supply chains, businesses, jobs
Design Management Governance

Cost recovery PR Marketing

Credible regional currency has all of them in team
Pay local taxes:
Talente Tauschkreis, Austria

Pay local government employees:
Brixton Pound
Bristol Pound

Pay for car parks and buses:
City of Nantes, France, 2014
Now happening with local currency…
Consulting and training

"Local Money - what difference does it make?"

“People Money – the Promise of Regional Currencies”
with Margrit Kennedy & Bernard Lietaer

LIKE and SHARE People Money on Facebook
Are humans crazy?
Local Currency World
Four Money Tamers
local currencies AND national currency

DUAL currency economy is stronger
local needs not met
local resources wasted
'shop local' alone is weak strategy

local economy is like leaky bucket
Grow local businesses
What can local currencies do?
Grow local communities
How do local currencies work?
Boundaries for protection
Social network
(matching information about resources and needs)
Trading network
How do you design a local currency
Design methodology - gives you a framework
Four players in local economy
Growth must continue!
Currency Diversity
124 systemic banking crises
208 currency crises
63 sovereign debt defaults
Follow the Money
4000 complementary currencies???

Where are they all?

What is a currency?
write down:

two underused resources

in your community:
people, businesses, voluntary groups

two unmet needs

in your community:
people, businesses, voluntary groups

Local currencies can help you be HAPPY!

Different breeds: new currencies
Crisis is Normal
Why focus on currency?
Boundaries: geographical
Boundaries: ethical
Size of task
Necessary skills
Why did nobody see the finance crisis coming?
You are consuming
one and a half planets
Money is information

Money is also a convenient way
to LOSE a lot of information

Flexibility of money has hidden costs
Why focus on currency?
Different parents: monetary reform
New breeds: complementary currencies
More chains: more regulation
Marty from Mars visits Earth
Design around their resources and needs
Chorus of politicians and media sings...
Growth must continue!
Marty from Mars goes home
Better training: ethical enterprises
Who will tame the Money Beast?
* Reregulation
* Social Enterprise
* Monetary reform
* New currencies
Different parents: monetary reform
New breeds: complementary currencies
More chains: more regulation
Whichever strategy you choose: good luck!
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