Living Earth has been active in the North Slope Borough of Alaska since 2006, working with all sectors of the communities at the ‘top of the world’ in the far North of the largest state in the USA, to promote the sustainable development of the area.

In 2009, Living Earth US was established. With an office in Barrow and local staffing, Living Earth US is registered as an authorised Alaska entity, and is in the process of being registered as a fully independent US non-profit organisation.

LEF US’s strategic objectives are as follows:IMG_2063

  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of sustainable community development
  • The advancement of environmental protection and/or improvement

Aims of Living Earth US

  • Supporting, stimulating and sustaining effective and inclusive communication between all sectors of society in the North Slope; community, government, non-profits and industry
  • Encouraging and supporting the development of community-owned, grassroots problem solving strategies and specific projects
  • Enhancing the teaching and learning experience on the North Slope and in Scotland through a long-term exchange and linking programme between schools in Alaska and Aberdeenshire
  • Supporting effective vocational education and workforce development in collaboration with a wide range of relevant local, national and international entities

All of the above take place in the context of the still burgeoning oil industry in the area, and its positive and negative impacts, current and anticipated. These impacts are not limited to the realms of employment and environment but also extend to indigenous cultural life, education, enterprise and beyond. The contexts of indigenous rights, circumpolar politics and climate change are of great significance to the development and implementation of all of Living Earth US’s activities.


Long Conversation

The Long Conversation is the name given to a process of community dialogue that Living Earth US has been initiating across the North Slope of Alaska.

Polar Pairs Schools exchange

Living Earth has developed the ‘Polar Pairs’ School Exchange programme for schools on the North Slope and in Aberdeenshire Scotland, to promote shared learning between teachers, students and the wider community in both regions.

If you would like to learn more about our work in Alaska please contact:

Laura Whitby, Programme and Development Manager, Living Earth Foundation
Tel: (00 44) 207 440 9750

Postal address:
Living Earth US
PO Box 577,
Barrow, Alaska 99723,