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Chocolate-loving, wine-drinking, event-organising, marketing nut, co-founder of - do marketing for and publishing bod.

GMV, London
Joined March 2009

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  1. Will you take the no-phone-time challenge this ?

  2. I've been copied into an internal email chain from a large publisher by accident. Have insider knowledge....... (just some page proofs)

  3. New Event! , & join us for a free evening of readings, beer & pizza!

  4. Bookish types! We have a paid internship up for grabs with + ! Follow the link for details

  5. Pretty chuffed that views of site this month are 69.60% higher than this month last year. Go !!

  6. If you are a blogger, reviewer, booktuber and you're into crime fiction, DM me, as I'd love you to be involved in my secret crime thing :)

  7. Only just came online. Great to see all the action on the water cooler today:

  8. Day1! RT & follow to win a signed by ends midnight UK only

  9. Competition coming up...

  10. may have invented many words we use today but can you express yourself using only words from his works?

  11. It's actually snowing here in

  12. Check out these helpful from super nice agent Juliet Mushens

  13. We're hiring a Publicity Lead at Amazon Publishing in London. Details here >>

  14. RT : . Nights : La biblioteca, neix o es fa? 17/5 a les 19h

  15. Join the buzz at the Water Cooler - feat.

  16. Two of the most exciting voices in nature writing this month:

  17. Nice to see a busy water cooler this morning - and super impressed with 's profile!

  18. Anyone I know finished the already today? Hats off to you if so !!!

  19. Next Friday is the last chance to enter for ideas and to see what did this week

  20. Please share widely & get involved if you can.

  21. Will be giving my books next week but excited tonight all the same!

  22. Another great blog post from coming to soon :)

  23. Go go go!

  24. Congratulations to - you've won a copy of English and Proud of It! DM us your address and we'll send it out. :-)

  25. Win a framed Shakespeare Print from - might as well enter this one (and browse!)

  26. Can you rewrite something modern using only words from ?Prove it and win a framed print!

  27. Thoughtful piece by about writing novels about emotional abuse

  28. Just found this great article by on Reasons Why People Buy Books. Nice one! (a handy reminder!)

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