Eastlake/American Croatian Lodge lease agreement moves back to council

The lease agreement between the American Croatian Lodge and the city of Eastlake for almost 7 acres of land known as Central Park is headed back to City Council for the third and final reading.

The agreement, which has been on council’s agenda since October, would allow the lodge to lease the land adjacent to their property for $1 a year to develop soccer fields. The lodge would be responsible for maintaining the property, which is a task that the city lacks the funds to do.

The agreement was moved from council back to the Finance Committee when a group of residents submitted an alternative proposal in which they state they could lease and maintain the property with a group of resident volunteers. The Finance Committee voted this week to return the lease agreement back to the full council after it met with representatives from the lodge and the residents trying to reach a mutually satisfying compromise.

“They were trying to find a way to accommodate everyone with the least expense possible,” Eastlake Law Director Randy Klammer said. “We want to make sure everything is done for the best interest of the citizens and the property.”


City Council is expected to vote on the agreement at the council meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. May 10.

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