What is a Community Almanac?

It's where you and your community share stories about the heart & soul of the place you live. It's a lasting record of the place you love—the place you call home.

Anyone can contribute!

And it's free! Just find your community on the map and start adding to its almanac—written stories, photos, videos—anything you'd like to share.

If your community has no almanac yet, simply find your city or town on the map and add a page. Your new almanac will be created automatically.

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What makes your town special?

Is it a special place? A person? A quirky custom? Share your perspective! Add pages and fill them with your content. Read other people's pages and post your replies. Get reacquainted with your town.

Make Local connections.

Community Almanac is a fun way to swap stories with your neighbors. Tell them about your favorite sledding hill or swimming hole, the best tree to climb or the coolest place to play stickball. Record memories from your life, and make connections in your community.

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Share in all sorts of formats.

It's easy! Post text, pictures, audio, video and/or PDFs, kind of like a digital scrapbook. Upload video of your grandfather speaking about his childhood, or a recording of your friend singing at a local bar. Paste a poem you wrote while floating down the river in a canoe!

Connect stories with real places.

Community Almanac mapping tools let you show particular places in your community. Draw on the map to point out Main street, or the place you took that photo, or maybe even the course your canoe floated down that river.

Find your community on the map.

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It's community heart & soul.

The Orton Family Foundation coined the term "community heart & soul" to describe the people, places, history, traditions, issues, and values that make your community unique. Community Almanac's non-profit sponsors (Orton Family Foundation and The Open Planning Project) want to help communities articulate, implement and steward their heart & soul.

And it's totally free!

Just sign up for a free, no-strings-attached account.

Find your community on the map.

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