Green Economy Roadmap

A guide for business, policy makers and society to drive sustainable growth in a resource-constrained world with strong demographic growth

Green Economy Roadmap

ICC’s flagship green economy guide assists business, policy makers and society in the development and implementation of policies and actions towards a “green economy”.

Green Economy Roadmap 2012 --- GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!

Green Economy Roadmap 2012

The ICC Green Economy Roadmap

This first ICC Green Economy Roadmap – containing contributions from experts from around the globe brought together in a two year process – is widely read by business, policy and other stakeholder groups worldwide, both within and outside ICC’s international membership.

Ten conditions for a transition towards a “green economy”

The Roadmap represents a comprehensive and multidisciplinary effort to clarify and frame the concept of “green economy” and promote a more common understanding.It highlights the essential role of business in bringing solutions to common global challenges and sets out 10 conditions needed for a “green economy” in which “economic growth and environmental responsibility work together in a mutually reinforcing fashion while supporting progress on social development.” These 10 conditions are:

    - Open and competitive markets
    - Metrics, accounting, and reporting
    - Finance and investment
    - Awareness
    - Life cycle approach
    - Resource efficiency and decoupling
    - Employment
    - Education and skills
    - Governance and partnership
    - Integrated policy and decision-making

    Please see the annex for the best practice examples.

      We welcome continuous feedback on the Roadmap so that we can collectively build it as a platform for future action and collaboration.