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Has anyone used prepscholar for SAT prep?

doughgirl98doughgirl98 Posts: 4Registered User New Member
I have problems learning by myself so I want to join an SAT course. My family can't afford a tutor. I heard Kaplan and Princeton Review aren't very good and I had to research more courses and found prepscholar online. Does anyone have any experience with prepscholar? Did you like it? How much did you improve your score? What didn't you like about it? Would you use it again if you could choose again? Thanks!!!

Replies to: Has anyone used prepscholar for SAT prep?

  • neuermanneuerman Posts: 77Registered User Junior Member
    I just wrote a review on the ACT forum about PrepScholar but I'll copy it here again.

    I used PrepScholar SAT and found it to be very good.

    Pros: I spent a lot of time researching online prep programs and PrepScholar seemed the most comprehensive and well put together - they have a large question bank, lessons, and an adaptive program that customizes to your strengths and weaknesses. They're very friendly with support, and their cofounder (Allen Cheng, the Harvard grad and 2400 scorer) actually responds to you quickly if you have any questions. They also have features to motivate you to study more, but it sounds like you may not need them. Finally I found their questions to be very realistic and like the real test.

    Cons: Their site isn't optimized for mobile phones, so when I was on a car ride I wasn't able to do questions. Also some of their answer explanations could be more thorough, but this was just a few and most of them were just fine, and they say they're improving them.

    FYI for the SAT program they have a 240 point refund guarantee if you complete their program, and while I was skeptical some of my friends actually got the improvement when they finished the program. (I myself broke a 2300 so the refund guarantee didn't apply to me). Check if they have the same guarantee for the ACT.

    This is my own story, your mileage may vary. I recommend you try it and if you don't like it within 5 days ask for a refund.

    I want to add that I think I just answered a question from you about how to review math questions. If you're just starting your SAT prep I'd recommend that you first try to prep by yourself with the blue book so you really understand what problems you're dealing with. Then after you know what you really need, you can find the prep method that's best for you - maybe that's PrepScholar, maybe it's not.
  • NrenderNrender Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    I used Prep Scholar for the SAT and ended up increasing my score from a 1980 to a 2250. I really liked how the program adapted to my own skills and helped me improve on the areas I needed help in. I also like how it scheduled me to prepare for my next test date. I loved using Prep Scholar and am extremely happy with my results.
  • CHD2013CHD2013 Posts: 2,339Registered User Senior Member
    Ignore the guarantee. All the prep companies offer a variation of it and it doesn't mean much. If you spend months studying with them and improve little, do you really want to use the additional free resources they will provide?
  • neuermanneuerman Posts: 77Registered User Junior Member
    @CHD2013‌ PrepScholar has a money back guarantee, where they refund the entire purchase if you don't improve your score by 240 points. I had a question about this too and talked to one of the founders, and they said PrepScholar decided to do this exactly because other companies have a "guarantee," where they just give you a free course and don't refund your money. Which like you said doesn't make sense since if you tried a program and didn't improve, what's the point of using their program again, for free.

    To get the guarantee you do need two official scores from the CollegeBoard - one before and one after PrepScholar - since they don't use their own practice tests for the score improvement.

    Good point though on these companies in general - ask them what exactly they'll give to you.
  • CHD2013CHD2013 Posts: 2,339Registered User Senior Member
    ^Thanks for pointing that out. The guarantee sounds pretty good then, but I'd still recommend starting with self-studying and only trying a tutor or course if the self-studying doesn't seem to work.
  • pianowoman2pianowoman2 Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    PrepScholar really worked for me. The lessons were tailored to my strengths and weaknesses and each lesson's content was reinforced with a review quiz. I also liked how easy it was to take the practice tests (since you enter your answers in an online bubble sheet and they're graded instantly once you finish) and that an expert graded my essays and detailed the pros and cons of each one so I could improve. My score was boosted 280 points, and I'm really happy with my results. I'm really glad I studied with PrepScholar, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do their best on the SAT.
  • 3scoutsmom3scoutsmom Posts: 2,128Registered User Senior Member
    We are giving it a shot. I signed D16 up for PrepScholar last night. I have to say that so far the customer service has been great! They spent a lot of time on the phone with me answering questions and followed up later to make sure I was satisfied. Even though I signed up for the online only prep they were very open to personal interaction and encouraged me and my daughter to contact them with any questions. It's nice to feel like you are dealing with real people not just an automated service. We'll see how the 5 day free trail goes but so far so good!

  • Suns97Suns97 Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    Is it too late to sign up for me? I'm a HS senior and I got a 2140 on an SAT but took it again and dropped to a 2040. Since it's almost September I don't know if it's worth it for me since I am also retaking the ACT (trying to improve a 33)
  • 3scoutsmom3scoutsmom Posts: 2,128Registered User Senior Member
    When are you retaking and how much time can you put into the PrepScholar program between then and now? They say you need to put in around 40 hours for the best improvement. My Daughter has only put in about 12/13 hours so far and I've seen *significant* progress.
  • Suns97Suns97 Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    I'm planning to take 2 sat subject tests in nov so my only other option is October 11 which is in about 40 days. I'm just wondering if it's really worth my time since I've done several test preps and I don't know if this will be the one to edge me over the 2300 mark. Btw critical reading has killed me, is this good for cr or does it mostly focus on math and writing? Thanks
  • 3scoutsmom3scoutsmom Posts: 2,128Registered User Senior Member
    @Suns97 My D16 took the SAT last march and got a 2150 (she had taken a local prep class) and feels that she's getting something out of the PrepScholar program. If you omit the essay she got a 2400 on her first assigned official practice test which could have been a fluke but I hope not! She's ignoring the essay part for now since she working on PSAT prep. The program covers math, reading and writing (both MC and essay) but has more subsections for math than reading or writing. I'd say take them up on their five day free trial offer and if you don't think you are getting anything out of it cancel. They do a placement exam so you test out of the stuff you already know and will only work on your problem areas. You can also choose to just do CR lessons.

  • fflmasterfflmaster Posts: 211Registered User Junior Member
    Question, I know this is an older thread, but hoping those that have used Prepscholar will see this.

    Does prepscholar simply follow a read a page and then answer a couple of questions? Is there any videos or speaking points, like an audio book?

    I don't see how simply reading a page and taking a quiz is going to be any different then buying a book and doing the same thing.

  • 3scoutsmom3scoutsmom Posts: 2,128Registered User Senior Member
    The big difference is that the program identifies your specific weak areas and provides instruction in those key areas, you don't waste time going over and over things you have already mastered, also the essays are read and scored by real humans. My D had done a local course based on the SAT Blue book but she was stuck in the 2100-2200 range. Prepscholar gave her what she needed to break into 2300+ I'm sure many people can make great scores with just a book but she need a little more and it worked for us. We plan to use it again when my sons needs to prep for the SAT.
  • YoohooAddictYoohooAddict Posts: 517Registered User Member
    So I'm taking practice tests now, and so far my average score revolves around 1800. Do you think that with PrepScholar, I will be able to break a 2300 somehow. Please reply ASAP with a fully detailed response.
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