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What are the latest and best tools available? How can you be sure user-generated content is genuine? And what is the best way to find it? This section of the BBC Academy's website provides advice from the BBC’s leading practitioners including the UGC Hub and technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones.

Twitter basics for journalists: Q&A with Mark Frankel

Why, what, how and when should journalists tweet? BBC social news expert Mark Frankel tackles the basics in this quick-fire Q&A

User-generated content and the UGC hub

Natalie Miller, assistant editor at the BBC’s UGC hub at New Broadcasting House in London, explains what the hub does and what UGC adds to BBC output

UGC verification: Where does it start?

The process of verifying user-generated content (UGC) starts earlier than you might think: you need to manage your social media feeds and keep on top of what’s trending

Twitter tips from experts

Tweets should be short, simple and effective, as well as useful, engaging, human. But how can you make Twitter work that bit harder?

How to make the most of user-generated content (UGC)

Social media often drives breaking news stories, with video, photographs and comment provided by the public before broadcast teams arrive at the scene

Live-tweeting a breaking news story #PistoriusTrial

Some people followed the Oscar Pistorius trial exclusively on Twitter. The BBC's Andrew Harding live-tweeted the whole thing - here’s how

Social news strategy

The social news team shares and promotes BBC News content on core Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts - an audience of millions

Engaging social media audiences

Journalists and producers explain how they use social media to build conversations and communities around BBC content

How to succeed on YouTube

Expert tips for ensuring news videos succeed on YouTube - like getting breaking news up quickly and curating your “mini-marketing poster?: the title and thumbnail