About The Project


I first approached Shonaleigh about the idea of crowdfunding a DVD documentary in mid 2014 and was pleased that she received the idea warmly. I approached John Sargent and Danny Hardaker regarding the technical side and was greeted with enthusiasm. And so discussions began, centred around what the end product would be like and the steps we needed to take to achieve our goal.

The aim is to produce a professional, TV documentary length and style, DVD documenting both Shonaleigh’s own work and the tradition she embodies. The DVD will comprise interview footage, fly-on-the-wall style documentary of her working within the community as teacher and teller, as well as containing video of her telling tales from the cycles within the drut’syla tradition. The vision is capture some of that intangible heritage and to make it accessible to an audience who may otherwise not be exposed to it, while preserving knowledge of it for future generations.

Obviously, in recording the footage that will be edited down into the video, we will capture many hours of both video and audio, of storytelling and conversation. If we achieve or crowdfunding goals we will be able to turn this footage into a professional quality DVD. If we *exceed* our goals, we will be setting further objectives, known as “stretch goals”… which will enable us to go further and offer multi-lingual subtitling of the DVD, as well as edit the remaining material into an audio CD of some of the stories captured.


The DVD project will be crowdfunded, with a target of £10,000, which will enable us to produce a high quality DVD. Contributors to the project will receive various perks in return for their funding, ranging from recipe cards with stories, original artwork through to storytelling performances and invitation to the DVD launch. The details of these perks will be released closer to the launch of the crowdfunding campaign. Early sign up to our mailing list or social media streams (right -> ) will ensure that you are kept up to date as we build up to the launch of the crowdfunding campaign.