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Mail to:                    Cobb County Property Tax Division
                              PO Box 100127
                              Marietta, GA 30061

Drop off:                  Cobb County Property Tax Division
                              736 Whitlock Ave, Ste 100
                              Marietta, GA 30064


         Homestead Exemption Application
                  Apply for any and all types of homestead exemptions (includes Age 62, Senior, etc..).
         Affidavit for Homestead Exemption Where Property Is Owned by a Trust
                  Verify the resident of a property in the name of a trust is a beneficiary of the trust.
         Affidavit for Homestead Exemption When a Motor Vehicle is Titled
           in the Name of a Business Entity and an Individual Co-Owner
                  Verify a business vehicle is only used for the business.
         Change of Address and Homestead Exemption Removal Form
                  Change your address with our office, remove a homestead exemption, or both.
         Change of Address for a Mobile Home
                  Change your mailing address for your mobile home.
         Standard Appeal Letter
                  An example of the letter that is sent with tax bills to properties under appeal.