Mount an SMB network drive on Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial we will describe how to connect your Raspberry Pi to a network drive and permanently mount it to your system. Even though this article uses a Raspberry Pi as an example to connect to an SMB drive, the steps used can be applied to any Debian based system, such as Ubuntu.

If you have a Raspberry Pi you might have noticed that the storage possibilities are kind of limited unless you have some external storage. Even though you can get SD cards with 64+gb of storage, you probably want more if you have a lot of music and movies that you are streaming through your Pi.

There are several choices when it comes to storage for your Pi, such as network drives, flash drives, or external USB HDDs. Using a network drive you can not only access your files from the Pi, but from any computer connected to your network, which is very convenient.

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The Deep Web

A few facts to capture your attention:
  • 96% of the internet is beyond search engines such as Google and Bing
  • The deep web market place, Silkroad, that has been taken offline allowed users to buy drugs, guns and other goods. The site was involved in $1.2 billion worth of transactions making approximately $80 million in commission.
  • Bitcoin is the dominant currency of the deep web.
  • Edward Snowden used it to leak files of NSA’s mass surveillance programs. (If you want to know more about this, check this website made by the british newspaper The Guardian here)
  • Cicada 3301 is a treasure hunt that emerged in 2012, taking players into the Deep Web. Puzzles focused on code breaking, leading to theories that it is a recruiting tool for government agencies.
  • Services such as hitmen for hire and arms dealers are available on the Deep Web

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Fix library dependency error in XBMC on Raspberry Pi

If you have installed Mopidy on your RaspBMC you probably noticed that XBMC won’t start when you reboot the Pi. Technically it’s not Mopidy that causes XBMC to crash, but rather some package dependencies that are introduced when you install it. More precisely these:

libtag1-vanilla:armhf libtag1c2a:armhf gstreamer0.10-plugins-good:armhf

The problem is that Mopidy installs an older version of these packages than the one XBMC is dependent on, and it puts these packages in  /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/. This folder has precedence over the XBMC lib folder which is located in /home/pi/.xbmc-current/xbmc-bin/lib/xbmc/system/, and this causes XBMC to pick up the wrong libraries.

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Getting started with Raspberry Pi – Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of this series of Raspberry Pi tutorial. In Part 1 we setup all the things we needed to get started with the Pi, and we installed an operating system on it.

Hopefully you’ve had some time to play with the Pi, and get to know how it works. However, we haven’t really done anything to make use of the awesome features the Pi offers, and today we will get one step closer to make this happen.

In order to do so we have to be able to move files to and from the Pi, and install additional software. In this tutorial I will show you how to access the Pi using SSH, and FTP in order to control the Pi from anywhere.

If you have installed RaspBMC or any other XMBC based operating system, you probably have the Pi connected to your TV with a connected keyboard and mouse. Regardless of the operating system you are running, or how the Pi is connected to TV/other monitor, it is always nice to be able to access the Pi quickly from any other device on your network.

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Getting started with Raspberry Pi – Part 1

This is the first part of what will be a short series of tips, tricks, and how-to’s to help you turn your Raspberry Pi into an awesome media hub for your home.

I will provide you with short, easy-to-follow, tutorials for some of the things I found interesting and worth sharing. If you have any suggestions for something I should cover, don’t hesitate to drop a comment and I will try to make it happen!

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