felt emoji keyrings Crafternoon Cabaret Club

DIY: EMOJI keyrings!

I am an emoji addict.  I love those little critters.  I’ve swapped to an iphone recently and honestly the main improvement I talk about is the fact I now have unicorn and champagne emojis.  And I’m not the only one – have you seen the hundreds of emoji makes coming from blogs like Studio DIY and Aww Sam?  Some of my favourites are these awesome emoji macarons, these super fun emoji giftwrap ideas and this gorgeous heart clutch!

I was almost tempted to try and write this whole post in emojis… can you imagine?  In fact you probably can – particularly if you have ever played the game where you try and send someone an entire story or song just by harnessing the power of the emoji.  Never has a tiny monkey covering it’s own eyes been more emotive!  But – back to reality, and being sensible just for one tiny moment, we all know that really emoji’s only come into their element when they break into the real world to adorn your clothes, shoes, bags and of course keys!

Recently I’ve felt so crazily busy and I’ve been struggling to find time to craft so I’m currently all about the small, portable projects – things you can create in a spare half hour or so.  Fun felt makes are perfect for this and when I was sifting through some of my felt stash I realised I had the perfect emoji colours.  It was fate… emoji crafting was written in the stars!

For these oh so cute emoji keyrings you will need:

  • Felt to match your favourite emojis – bright yellow, black, white, pink and so on…
  • Needle and cotton threads to match your felt
  • Scissors
  • Keyring ring and fastener
  • optional –  some cotton wool or toy stuffing to plump up your characters

Create a template for all of the parts of each emoji that you will need and cut out in the correct colours of felt.  For an emoji face for example you will need; 2 matching circles in yellow plus a small yellow rectangle (to attach your keyring), 2 white circles and 2 slightly smaller black circles for eyes; for a starry heart you will need to matching pink hearts, a small pink rectangle to attach the keyring and two yellow stars.


felt emoji faces Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Start with the detail.  Sew any details into place on the main shape of your keyring e.g. eyes and mouths on one of your yellow circles, or the stars onto the front heart.  Add any embroidered detail (like the black lines on the mouth)

Join in up.  Place the front and back main pieces together and using back stitch start the sew around the edge with matching thread.  Fold your small rectangle in half, slide through the keyring and sandwich this in between your two layers – sew into place.

felt emoji keyring Crafternoon Cabaret Club

STUFF.  When you’re about three quarters of the way round you could stuff a little cotton wool or toy stuffing into your piece to make it nice and plump.  emoji keyring Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Finish sewing up the gap, knot your thread and trim, grab your keys and go!

felt emoji keyrings Crafternoon Cabaret Club

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