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Christmas Stocking Project


  • Stocking
  • Christmas Fabric 6" x 20"
  • Narrow gold ribbon 1 yard
  • Jingle bell - approx. 1/2" diameter
  • SMH0001 Santa with Bird Stencil
  • Spill Proof® Stencil Paint in the following colors:
    • MSP01013 Evergreen
    • MSP01016 Black
    • MSP01036 Rich Red
    • MSP01100 Metallic Silver
    • MSP0102 Metallic Gold
  • stencil brushes
INSTRUCTIONS: Top Band - press under 3/4" along both long edges and one short edge of the Christmas fabric. Lay the pressed fabric face down on your work surface. Lay the stocking on the fabric, lining up the top edge of the stocking with the top edge of the band. Sew or glue in place. (Before using glue, test some on a scrap of fabric to make sure that it won't show through). Fold over the unfinished end of the band around the stocking first then overlap with the finished edge of the band. Sew or glue in place.

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