Real-life Examples

qooxdoo is used in many different application scenarios. To get an idea of how a qooxdoo application could look like, this is a collection of real-life examples. Of course, this can only be the tip of an iceberg, since it is based on voluntary contribution by qooxdoo users.

Please give back to the project by supplying information about your qooxdoo application. Thanks!

You are welcome to use either of the current two input channels: you may add your app to the real-life examples page yourself (as this belongs to the wiki-based parts of the homepage, you simply need to register if you haven’t already). Alternatively, we’d also be fine to receive your input by email, contribute AT qooxdoo DOT org. Make sure to supply 1-2 paragraphs describing your app in English, links to your app/company if available, and preferably a screenshot. We will copy edit your input, and get back to you for a quick sync if necessary.

pSeven: Engineering simulation and analysis, optimization, data mining

pSeven is a powerful platform for automation of engineering simulation and analysis, multidisciplinary optimization and data mining that supports your entire product development team at all stages of product lifecycle. pSeven is an intelligent solution which allows even designers and engineers with little data mining and design optimization experience solve challenging engineering problems and discover optimal designs just in a few clicks!

pSeven enables your engineering teams to:

  • Significantly reduce design lead time through decrease of number of expensive physical tests and computational experiments.
  • Improve product performance, robustness, reliability and safety thanks to advanced optimization algorithms.
  • Understand the most important cost and performance factors.
  • Reuse data and securely share models with partners and suppliers preserving confidentiality and intellectual property rights.

Our solution is preconfigured to be integrated into your existing business processes. Learn more from the real industry use cases. The International Online Career Platform

  • What is your value on the world-wide job market in comparison to your competitors?
  • Which qualification makes you more interesting for the job of your dreams?
  • Which vacant positions optimally match your qualifications?

Get answers to these questions with, the international online career platform. Additionally you can generate a well-formed CV, apply for a job within a minute, and capture video cover letters. The service is absolutely free for students, graduates and young professionals from all around the world.

The frontend is based on qooxdoo 2.x which interacts with the Java backend via REST. A custom implementation for OAuth in Qooxdoo integrates Facebook and LinkedIn for authentication and data synchronisation. Additionally, makes use of the contributions QxProtovis, UploadMgr, ComboTable and Dialog.

For more information have a look at or contact the CTO Dr. Matthias Röckl (

setuPIM: A highly flexible solution for organizing complex product data

setuPIM is an enterprise product information management software. Products are organized hierarchically in a tree (e.g. business units > technologies > families > products > variants). A product consists of a set of configurable attributes. Every attribute of a product is inheritable and overwriteable from the product hierachy tree, the various localizations and the products cross references (e.g. parts). Each product can have different versions in different localizations. Data can instantly be published to different output channels, such as on websites or for product catalog printing.

Everything in the frontend is done with the qooxdoo Desktop 2.x, except the main editing areas which are done with embedded Flex components. The Backend-System is based on the new TYPO3 Flow Framework.

For further information visit (in German).

National Weather Service Enhanced Data Display

EDD is used to distribute a wide array of mappable weather data (radar, satellite imagery, watches, warnings, advisories, etc…). This interface has over 300 layers embedded in the framework, but Qooxdoo provides the infrastructure and tools to maintain a very clean and sophisticated interface. Our users have been very pleased with the information presented on this page.

Kameleoon Analyst: powerful A/B testing solution

Kameleoon is a web intelligence solution that allows marketers to improve their conversion rates through A/B testing. First, you easily create variations of your website. Then these variations are randomly presented to your website's visitors. Eventually, each variation's performance is measured using accurate statistics. Our approach takes out the technical complexity of creating variations for testing: everything can be done via a JavaScript layer, without ever touching the server-side code. A marketing team is thus free to conduct A/B tests without worrying about the technical details.

Our application is 100% Qooxdoo-based, with a custom theme developed in-house. The GUI of our web-app is quite complex, and using a framework such as Qooxdoo, which is heavily widget based, was essential during the development of our technology. We use Grails for the server side.

Try our online demo to test our solution and get started on A/B testing!

Home.Finance.Ua: Family budget control system

Home.Finance.Ua is a system for accounting, analysis and the control of a personal or family budget. System's architecture allows working partially offline. Graphical reports are built with the usage of Open Flash Chart. Processing of incoming SMS messages is organised.

Simply Notes Training

Simply Notes Training started out as a self-learning exercise porting a Lotus Notes application to the web. It is a training management application that not only comes with two interface languages, but it allows to offer multiple languages in outgoing communication to training participants. Language-specific templates are used to generate emails with pdf attachments.


Simply Notes Training allows insights into the success of actual trainings, for instance through tree views (categorized views), which support calculations by training branches. The app also offers a Calendar view under "Course Catalog/by date", where trainings are displayed in color-codes according to their respective setting.

Also note the planer views under "Planning" and the accordion menu to the left for navigation. The application uses - the outstanding RetroTheme from Norbert Schröder - excellent work as is his DarkTheme! - the file UploadWidget introduced by Dietrich Streifert and co-maintained by Tobias Oetiker - and for sure - the outstanding qooxdoo framework (release 1.3)

The solution is fully configurable so you may want to have a look at the "Administration" section and look at the "Configuration" options and the user mgmt/roles.

In the sneak preview you don't have to register, as this sneak preview logs you in as a user with admin rights (don't mess around, even that it's uncritical!) so you can see all features - fully implemented ones as well as future, partially implemented ones. The course catalog, resources and admin section from the accordion menu are the ones that contain much functionality to play with.

SAVA Repair Center Management

Sava is a repair center management application developed by . With Sava you can create a quote, take an order, manage customers, monitor inventories, send bills, create repair reports and many more, just with your browser. The first version of Sava has been released in 2001, using only HTML. Later versions used ajax and were build with Qooxdoo 0.5 then 0.6. In 2009, our customers asked us for new features. We decided to rebuild all the application to be able to use new Qooxdoo features on the client side, and the Django framework on the server side.


Qooxdoo binding capabilities are very impressive: you can use the same data in multiple tabs / forms / fields, any modification will update the data everywhere, instantly. This is not the only advantage: using qooxdoo forms controllers and models you can increase dramatically the developers productivity. We created tools that generate Qooxdoo models reflecting exactly the Django models (with attributes, foreign-keys, inheritance, many to many relations as qooxdoo models properties) and managers to load, filter and save data. Spending less time on data storage, events handling and low level communication, we can focus on making the application nice, easy and pleasant to use. With Qooxdoo there is no more reason to develop a browser application less ergonomic, fast and effective than a desktop application.

SPAR Quality Assurance Website

SPAR UK Limited are a UK national retailer (part of the European SPAR franchise) with an Own-Brand product range, who have to maintain audited food and product safety specifications documentation and marketing materials. Zenesis Limited recently developed the new Quality Assurance website for connecting suppliers, external product design and marketing companies, and the trading and marketing teams within SPAR Central Office.


The Quality Assurance specification app was developed using qooxdoo and has over 400 fields that need be completed, audited, and approved – plus the marketing and other design documents relating to every Own Brand product. SPAR use an external auditing company, Micron2, who have said that the SPAR QA website is more logical and user friendly than those of the other major UK national retailers.

Zenesis is proud to endorse qooxdoo because we could not have produced the QA website for SPAR without the support of the qooxdoo technology and the development team – at least not without making some serious compromises on usability and functionality!

Zed Builds & Bugs Management

Zed Builds & Bugs Management is an application targeted at software development teams and combines the following components:

  1. Automated Software Build Management
  2. Task, Bug, Feature, Assignment, etc. Management
  3. Discussion Forums for team dialogs
  4. Wiki for documentation, team group design, document storage, personal pages, etc.
  5. General server administration

The power of the application is in it's pure web (qooxdoo!) interface, and the database which is shared among all facets of the application. Meaning your Wiki pages can query the task database, and your automated builds can update tasks as well.


PIE - Property Investment Evaluation

The PIE project aims to provide Real Estate Investors with a FREE web based cashflow calculator to use to evaluate potential rental property income before investing. It is an Open Source project developed by Richard Bondi. Real Estate Investors can use the Demo application.

Also, you can download a Working Copy to put on your site. This is ideal for Real Estate Investor's, Real Estate Agent's or Investors Club websites. The Source Code is also available for download to those who would like to customize the functionality.


momentas: Events Database

momentas was developed on behalf of the local newspaper "Goslarsche Zeitung". It stores events, emergency services, opening hours, etc. and distributes this content into several websites and print products. Mirko Thamm has used qooxdoo for the pretty complex user interface. The backend is done with PHP and MySQL using the optional JSON RPC server of qooxdoo. At present momentas is in a sort of beta state. In the near future the application will be available for other customers as well. If you are interested in momentas (or some other development) please contact the author.



Magpie: Password Manager

Magpie is a cooperative password manager which allows individuals in teams to share passwords and other sensitive information with one another in a controlled manner.

The GUI is built using Qooxdoo, which makes JSON RPC requests to a Perl server. This has all been packaged up into a single executable with a built-in web server. We have been putting a lot of effort into I18N.

Although stable, the product is being actively developed and more features being added. If you are interested in Magpie please contact us. We also make it available for evaluation.



qjide - IDE for J programming language

qjide is a browser-based IDE for the J programming language. J is particularly strong in the mathematical, statistical, and logical analysis of data. The IDE is built with qooxdoo as the web application framework, and Python (2.6/2.7).

qooxdoo's rich set of widgets to create the look-and-feel of a desktop application used together with Python's ready-to-use web application server, and the ability to include foreign functions from a .dll, .so, .dylib, qooxdoo and Python are the perfect "duo infernale" to create a nice looking and practical browser-based IDE.

qjide is available as an open-source project, currently rather an experiment, not a replacement for the existing JHS/IDE. Features include a directory/file browser, a multi-tab script editor with syntax coloring, an interactive J console), an definitions viewer, keyboard shortcuts, plotting features and a package manager.



ReForm is an application to easily create database reports and forms for data manipulation. The reports and forms can be created with a XML description language and add data access and data binding with Hibernate. It is possible to perform frontend and backend calls to design complex business logic for building business processes in software.

The default layout and data access of the reports makes it possible to export all reports in Excel sheets or PDF files and to create diagrams using JFreeChart and Jasper Reports. With the forms data can be accessed, changed and created using different input widgets like text field, spinner, date picker, checkbox, combo box and many more. Every form or report can have multiple menus or user events to perform backend calls over qooxdoo's RPC layer to access business logic written in Java or access frontend functions, like opening a report or form, starting a file upload/download and so on.

The forms and reports are shown as windows in a desktop-like area with fully featured taskbar and special functions to arrange, fit and close all windows. ReForm comes with a user and group based security system to give each user only the permissions and navigation he/she needs. Every user can choose between a tree or menu based navigation and switch it during runtime. It is also possible to change the language and with it the default rendering of date, time and number based data within the reports and forms (thanks qooxdoo for this great feature).

A special goal of the project was to avoid platform dependencies for the server, the database and the client machine. The backend logic is fully implemented in Java and interacts with the qooxdoo Java backend - agnostic to any server operating system. Furthermore the backend uses Hibernate ORM mapping to avoid a dependency to one specific database technology and uses the advantages of object-oriented database mapping. I think it is not necessary to say that qooxdoo does a perfect job to avoid client and browser dependencies ;)

Unfortunately, there is no demo login I can post here, but following screenshots might give you an idea:

Some open reports and forms with tree navigation

The menu navigation

A simple diagram created from a report

Model Agrammon: Simulation of Ammonia Emissions

The Model Agrammon is an application that allows the simulation of NH3 emissions from agriculture. See the website at for more information on this topic.


You can access the model directly at You must/can first create an account for yourself (using the button on the login window) as all user input is stored in a database using your account name.

The application includes an example for using jqPlot for creating graphs as described in the QxJqPlot Qooxdoo contribution.


du2rrd: diskspace visualisation

A little perl script and a qooxdoo frontend for monitoring diskspace usage. This package is opensource, you can look at the demo and download the code from


SmokePing: Traceroute frontend

SmokePing is a comprehensive suite that keeps track of your network latency. It includes a cross-browser traceroute frontend created with qooxdoo. Checkout the demo.

Bibliograph: Online Bibliographic Data Manager

Bibliograph is a web-based bibliography tool for individuals, research teams, and organizations. The application is in use at Humboldt University, Berlin. It allows you to manage all your bibliographic data without installing any extra software, just by using your browser - from your desk or anywhere in the world. You can share your bibliographic databases with a specific group of people or the public, secured by a fine-grained access permission system. For more info, screenshots and a public demo, please see the homepage at


VZAweb: web-based traffic census data base

The web-based traffic census data base VZAweb marks the evolution of the access-based stationary data base software VZA (VerkehrsZählungsApplikation) from Software-Kontor Helmert GmbH. Currently the beta version of VZAweb is available on the net:

The web-based solution offers the following advantages:

  • Data-access from all web-enabled workstations at all times
  • Differentiated user authorizations
  • Minimal requirements on hard- and software

The application is completely based on open-source-components and combines GeoInformation e.g. from OpenstreetMap (OSM) with voluminous filtering functions and a report generator. It combines qooxdoo with OpenLayers and BIRT. The backend is a Java servlet running on a Tomcat server. It can be used with different databases, e.g. Firebird, Postgres, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.


di-lemmata: Literary Text Corpus Research

di-lemmata is a new project targeted at scholars of German literature. It combines linguistic concepts with modern programming techniques in order to enhance and support research in the field of literary studies. di-lemmata's library application has been completely implemented in qooxdoo (v1.1) using a "black" appearance theme. The database currently covers the lyrical works of 19 German speaking poets (from Bürger to Lichtenstein).

The application features

  • linguistically prepared text corpora
  • lemmatized word lists
  • a comprehensive concordancing program
  • unrivaled comparison functions on vocabulary level

Although the HTML pages of the project are in German the GUI of the qooxdoo application is also available in English and Russian.



MYUniversity is the intranet social network for teachers and students in Novosibirsk state university. In this application teachers can share to students their study courses and various education stuff. Teachers and students can track student's progress and participate in discussions. This project based on java platform and uses the Mongodb NoSQL database as back-end. You can get more screenshots here



JAP is an intranet application for the Brazilian company Javi - (in Portuguese only). This application helps to control clients, orders and creates reports that are used in the manufacturing of clothes and embroideries. It uses a new theme based on the Aristo theme from 280north and it uses the latest features of data binding.


WebGRIM Geo-Referenced Image Manager

WebGRIM is a web-based Geo-Referenced Image Manager, designed to allow web access to large sets of collected imagery and metadata, both through easy-to-use web pages for humans and programmatically through standards-based APIs. Precise coordinates can be obtained from any point of any image. Images can be mosaicked into new map layers, and optionally combined with existing local or remote map data. Full spatial and temporal search capabilities are provided. WebGRIM is currently used by military, intelligence, survey, and agricultural users, on imagery collected by both manned and unmanned aircraft and terrestrial vehicles. WebGRIM is built using Qooxdoo for the user interface by the NAVSYS Corporation.


Foxmemo: Web 2.0 Forms

Foxmemo is Web 2.0 CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) interface with no programming required. All the design is made through the Admin user interface.


Foxmemo has four distinct user interfaces: Admin: for administering groups, forms and users. Desktop: providing full GUI. Website: simplified read-only access to forms. Mobile: Read-only access on tablets and smart phones.

Foxmemo offers three types of Forms: a) Native: The data is stored in postgresql database where end user can search, sort and modify data. b) External: To link to outer HTML sources. c) View: To access computational data stores, both internal and external (sql-based via odbc).

Foxmemo is multi-user, allowing users to open forms with access level control. For instance, certain people can have full access to a form, while others can have read-only access.

Aug 2013 update: Updated source code to latest qooxdoo sdk (3.0). Removed unsupported themes.


Mastria-CMS is a content management system developped by a small web agency in Belgium coded in a MVC, framework-oriented PHP. Even if it is fully functional, Mastria-CMS is in perpetual evolution. For the moment, the administration system uses qooxdoo for general tasks in a "static way" but the final goal is to make the CMS as generic as possible to provide a collection of qooxdoo-oriented plugins to be fitted into each other.

Mastria-CMS in action !

Check out a small demo (partial copy of a complete website) at Acces provided on demand (to avoid misuse):info[at] (for now, administration is only in French).

Appearance is Everything (Themes!)

Professional and familiar themes for your Qooxdoo application.

Download themes and follow our progress on Github:

Logging System for Fusion Experiment

We recently released a qooxdoo-based logging system for the MST fusion experiment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This isn't a public system, but I've included a screen shot so you can have a look.

This project was a reasonably large undertaking. The development time was approximately 6 programmer months for everything. Our backend is apache 2.2 with mod_python and mysql for storage. Graphs are generated with gnuplot, and printed reports generated with latex.

For details on MST see the MST Homepage.

Wireless Map

Wireless Map (wMap) is online map system targeting on community wireless networks. It uses google map api as map layer. :community:wmap.jpg

AstraNOS - Web Desktop

AstraNOS strives to be a central place to organize your online accounts and stay connected with your friends and family. It employs the latest in web technology to achieve a seemingly desktop like response time.

AstraNOS is neither a Windows clone nor trying to be any other existing operating system or application. It packages all current and planned functionality into an exciting looking and functional interface.

We welcome any type of user feedback and comments. Feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved in this exciting project. The AstraNOS Team.

Buy and sell items online

grfind is a GrassRoots service where business and individuals can buy, sell, giveaway or trade products, services or information. :community:grfind.jpg

Plugin for Elgg Community Software

WestorElggMan is a qooxdoo-powered plugin for the community software Elgg. Elgg is an open source social networking engine, delivering the building blocks that enable businesses, schools, universities and associations to create their own fully-featured social networks and applications. Elgg has many installations worldwide, thousands of plugins for different usecases are available.

WestorElggMan makes it easy to manage users, friends, external contacts, groups and messages. One can send bulk e-mail and SMS to a bunch of users or friends. It is useful for admins with special options, e.g. to block persons or to delete users, and for regular community users to manage their contacts and to find people. This plugin is in the top ten of most recommended plugins with several thousand downloads. A live demo can be seen at or you can download the plugin from there or directly from the Elgg site under plugins.


Affiliate Shop Fitness / Wellness

This application is embedded in a normal HTML page. A table shows product information, like product image, description and price. Some search fields allow for a convenient search in more then 300.000 fitness and wellness products - all within seconds. The table updates immediatly, if one of the search fields has changed. A double click on a product row opens a window with more details. From there one can follow to the vendor's site to order the product.

Unit Converter is an application for converting units. All conversions are done at the server (where all units are stored in a MySQL database) and not at the client. Its behaviour is thanks to qooxdoo just like a normal desktop application with formatted results, clear navigation and conversion tables created on the fly. Also the complete backend (inserting new units into the database, creating new categories and so on) is based on the qooxdoo framework. The application is productive, but still under heavy development. You can see the frontend in action under (currently in German only):

LogBuch: Documenting projects collaboratively

LogBuch is an online tool for documenting business processes collaboratively. The aim of the application is to make the usually not very exciting task of documentation as easy and interactive as possible, motivating teams and their members to provide input instantly as the project unfolds. The application features a fine-grained access control system with different levels of visibility for entries, document upload and a twitter-like commenting system. Currently, the software is deployed as an internal application within a major provider of technical services.

The LogBuch uses qooxdoo 1.3-pre, the new virtual grid infrastructure, and the following contribs: qcl, qcl-php, RpcPhp, TokenField.

Concept: Jürgen Breiter Coding: Christian Boulanger

:community:logbuch1.png :community:logbuch4n.png :community:logbuch6.png

Plasma Formulary Interactive

Plasma Formulary is an interactive, Web-based application that provides a comfortable access to evaluating, comparing, and plotting of a multitude of different plasma and atomic physics parameters, grouped by the unit dimensions. The list of the entities calculated encompasses over one hundred entries and is easily expandable.

Snoovel TourDirector: Web 3.D

Please note: This web service has been discontinued. The Snoovel TourDirector is the first interactive browser tool to build so called geo movies. In our application you can pull together your gpx-data, kmz-files (e.g. Google Sketchup 3D Objects) and all kinds of media (videos, audiofiles, images, texts, etc.) to one dynamic Google Earth animation playing inside a webbrowser.



MeetAndSpeak is an advanced but lean chat tool for groups. It is currently completely free for everyone to use. The user interface mimics classic desktop IRC clients. Included are secure HTTPS connections, logging and always online functionality. Users can't miss messages. The creator of a group has full control over it. It is also possible to use MeetAndSpeak as an IRC client, connections to Freenode and IRCNet networks are supported. Main view is window based and allows the user to easily follow several parallel discussions in different groups.