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People with disabilities can board an airplane before general boarding. Call the airline prior to your day of travel so the airline can be prepared to offer assistance and/or assistive devices you may need to help in boarding the plane.

Airline's aisle chair

Aisle Chair

A common assistive device used to help people with mobility limitations board the plane is an aisle chair. The aisle chair, pictured on the left, is a specially designed wheelchair capable of fitting down the narrow aisles of a plane. The aisle chair has multiple straps used to secure someone to the narrow chair. Trained personnel should be available to help a person transfer from the wheelchair to the aisle chair and from the aisle chair to the plane seat. Again, make sure to alert the airline ahead of time that you need assistance and an aisle chair to board the plane. If you have experienced problems with boarding please visit the complaints page.

The pictures below demonstrate the use of an aisle chair to board an aircraft.

Man tranfering from wheelchair to aisle chair Man being secured into an aisle chair
Man being moved in an aisle chair Man sitting in airline seat