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Andrew Okwuosah
When thinking about technology, there are two viewpoints, one is intrigued by it and the other is bored with it. Sophomore Andrew Okwuosah leans on the more intrigued side of technology as he shares a passion for technology. Though he may be autistic, the sophomore doesn’t see himself any different from anyone else. As a matter of fact, he feels that it makes him better as a person by being different from others. When Okwuosah was around the age of eight he went to Fry’s (electronic store), there he saw a desktop that caught his eye, ever since then he has been hooked to the idea of technology. “What inspires me to have a passion for technology is my dad, that’s a way we bond. Just that feeling in general, that’s how I know that we have a connection,” Okwuosah said. In 2006 he got his first desktop, which he still has till this day. Okwuosah said that he still uses his desktop for everyday activity whether it’s gaming or homework, he also said that the desktop is something he will forever cherish and it means a great deal to him. He views his love for technology as a form of art. “I’ve fallen in love with companies like Apple and Microsoft post-2014 because they’ve embraced the fact that although it’s great to simply have great specs, the design and overall experience needs to be considered as well,” Okwuosah said. He doesn’t see his autism as a downfall he feels that people will say what they want to say, but that won’t change how he sees himself. “I feel that in order for someone to judge me, they should get to know me first, but people will have their opinion,” Okwuosah said. He believes that life itself is its own pivoting moment because it’s a story. Just like any story life has it’s ups and downs and it’s highlights. “I’ve certainly had highlights of my own, but ultimately highlights fade and as you move through life, you have to look at the big picture. I think that keeping this in mind helps me to not be as stressed and controlling as I have been in the past,” Okwuosah said. Technology is a specialty that he has, it’s who he is. He feels that his passion for technology makes him feel unique, and giving him an urge to make a difference. “I think as an artist, you originally want to make a difference, as well as doing a good deed,” Okwuosah said. In a way, he feels that he can express himself through technology because technology has meant so much to him as a person, that’s his perspective of the world of how he feels accepted. “Technology has been the one common thread in my life for so long that it would almost feel like abandoning a stuffed animal that you’ve practically grown up with,” Okwuosah said. He feels like he needs to repay the technology industry because of what it’s enabled me to find himself in ways that he couldn’t have even dreamed of. “After all, regardless of any ailment I have, I’m still a human being. That’s all I want to be seen as: Andrew, not the kid with the “disability” that needs people to treat him differently. I want to be treated like anyone else, because that’s simply who I am,” Okwuosah said.  

Andrew Okwuosah, Digital Editor

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