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Carroll County Cemetery Listings
Carroll County Arkansas 1834 Tax List

Carroll County History

Adair, William
Baker, Aaron
Baker, John
Belvin, Luke
Birsco, Isaac
Blevin, Armsted
Blevin, Esquire Jr.
Blevin, Esquire Sr.
Blevin, Isham
Blevin, John
Blevins, Richard
Blythe, John
Boyd, Bruce
Boyd, John
Boyd, Wilie
Boydston, John P.
Bristow, Matthew
Bristwo, James L.
Burneu, Charles
Bush, John B.
Campbell, George
Campbell, John M.
Campbett, Richard
Cecil, Benjamin
Cheatham, Barnet
Cheatham, Boling
Chote, Landers
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Thomas H.
Clement, Anderw
Clement, Marian
Clement, William
Clovard, Pleasant
Coble, William
Cohley, Mason S.
Coker, Joseph Sr.
Coker, Leonard
Coker, Charles
Coker, Edward
Coker, Joseph Jr.
Coker, William Sr.
Coker,Wm. Jr.
Combs, Jeremiah
Copeland, William
Cornelius, Absolem
Crawford, Moses
Cunningham, Thomas
Davis, Burrel
Davis, Levi
Davis, Smauel
Dorson, John
Dorson, Samuel
Durham, Samuel
Estes, John H.
Estes, Wm. J.
Evritt, John S.
Flippo, Garret
Fraszier, R. T.
Frazier, James
Frazier, Richard
Gage, John
Gage, Wm. Jr.
Gage, Wm. Sr.
Gess, Moses
Gilmore, Levi
Glover, Samuel
Goforth, James
Hamblet, Turner
Hinkel, Benjamin
Holt, James
Hudspeth, L. C.
Huff, Leonard
Hulsey, Adler, Jr.
Hulsey, Adler, Sr.
Hulsey, Armsted
Hulsey, Elijah
Hutson, James H.
Hutson, John
Hutson, Smauel
Jones, David
Jones, Drury
Jones, James
Jones, John
Keith, John B.
Keith, Stephen
Keith, Wm. B.
Keith, Wm. S.
King, B. F.
King, Joseph
King, William
King, Wm. H.
Kneeland, George
Lane, Garret
Magness, Joseph
Marshall, John
Martin, Owen S.
Martin, Thomas
Maxey, Walter
Meek, Jacob
Meek, Jeremiah
Meek, John
Meek, Moses
Meek, Washington
Melton, Ruebin
More, Simion
Noble, Thomas
Nooner, Preston
Nooner, W. MC
O'Daniel, Green
Petit, Nathaniel
Pettit, John
Phillipps, Francis
Potts, Edward
Porter, Gwin - Family Contact - Lynette Avery
Porter, Joseph
Rains, Jonathan
Reaves, John
Riggs, John
Riggs, William
Ritter, Jessie
Roach, Edward
Roberts, Aaron
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, John
Roberts, Richard
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Timothy
Roper, Henry
Roper, John A.
Rudd, Nathaniel
Russel, Samuel
Self, Elie
Self, Nathaniel
Shell, Henry
Shelley, Abram
Smith, Gilmore
Smith, Thomas
Sneed, Charles
Sneed, Peter
Sneed, Samuel
Sneed, William
Sons, Abraham
Standridge, Alexander
Standridge, Martin
Standridge, Samuel
Steward, Samuel
Stokes, Abner
Stokes, James
Sweetin, Elie
Tacket, Martin
Trotter, John
Trotter, Tobert
Turney, George
Wallace, Esther
Ward, Samuel
Watkins, John
Watkins, William
Weahterby, W. L. S.
Weatherby, Haywood
White, Elias
Whitehead, William
Wiggs, Hugh
Williams, Stephen
Wisdom, William
Wolf, George
Womack, William
Woody, John
Woolham, Thomas
Wright, Richard
Yocham, Michael
Young, Elic

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